Following the release of As Promised (Download HERE), the Zips ran into a dilemma- the songs 48 Bars of Terror, Karate School, and War were all planned for the eventual album, but as a group, we had decided to change some of the other songs we recorded which would push back the Album’s completion, making those songs stale.

In the interim, M-Lito decided to send us a series of beats for us to go thru and choose for the album. Lito ended up sending us 100 or so beats (seriously, he wasn’t playing, lol)–We ended up replacing 5 songs total (i’ll probably release those demos at another date) for the album, but we had so many beats that a ton of ideas started getting bounced between the three of us- Radio-ready songs, Mafioso ideas, and more experimental songs. Unfortunately, none of the songs FIT the album concept, and yet we still wanted to do them.

The conclusion- DO THEM!!!

So, we switched gears- Three EPS to show our range as artists, then our album, which won’t sound like ANY of those projects!

Genius, right?

Lifestyle Music EP (note: This is part of the actual e-mail we sent back and forth)

The EP(S)-

I like Litos ideas, but lets switch courses. I wanna do this “Ballerific” EP. I wanna go over the top– I’m talking speedboats driven by Halle Berry with no top on, doing donuts in the Aston Vanguish in a Hospital Zone, lighting Cuban Cigars with $100 Bills and whatnot. Like, seriously, I’m gonna be listening to Esco era and In My Lifetime 1 for the next couple of weeks to get into character- S Money Stacks and Don Vincenzo. I think the first beats you sent over go with that.

“Ballerific EP”- Beats

Flyin- Million Dollar Budget
So Maybe- Doing Great
Mind is On- Money on My Mind
I Pick You- Cold Champagne and Kush Smoke
Writer- Donald Trump Status ( I got a hook for this)

Anyway, thats just about it– We stayed very close to our ideas and didn’t change too many ideas of concepts. We had a couple different ideas for Hooks for Donald Trump Status (we went with Lito’s), Million Dollar Budget (we went with SPITGAME’S) and Money on My Mind (We went with mine)– maybe I’ll up those recordings if people are interested. We had a lot of fun with this project tho, and we all think its the weakest of the three EPs we are working on, and NONE of the EPs will be close to the quality level of Black SuperHero Music.

Last thing, check out the return of Lightweightheavy Radio this Sunday at 5pm to hear the ENTIRE Lifestyle Music EP before the release date September 12th, 2011.


Comments on: "LifeStyle Music EP Artwork x Preview" (25)

  1. Good shit niggas.

  2. Appreciate it fam!

    Yo, Ziploc, next time you come thru, make sure you leave me your email. I gotta send you a track I think you could get busy on.


  3. This jawn is mean.

  4. B-Ease ol’ melodic ass, lol.

  5. liberate that million dollar budget

    that was peruvian

  6. gramMasta said: September 5, 2011 at 2:53 pm
    liberate that million dollar budget
    that was peruvian


    I was gonna drop one more– I hadn’t decided which tho. If thats the one everyone wants, I’ll drop it at the Gawd Hour.


  7. vhingrhamesonyo'momma said:

    dope artwork

  8. Dope song…waitin for the whole project

    PS: Vanquish >>> Vanguish

  9. This shit is gonna be epic when it drops.

    This is really on the se caliber as these other blog rappers like Danny Brown but with better lyrics and beats.


  10. Ziploc says:
    September 4, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Dope single bruh..and da money on my mind shit u droppd a while bacc was bangn’ 2..can’t w8 2 hear da da project in it’s entirety..and fucc wit me Dubb Dollars..YouTube it or…

    Yo whoeva did dat beat on da single a STR8 FOOL WIT IT..! I done had dat shit on repeat 4 da last hr now ridn’ thru da city blastn’ dat shit @ ig’nant levels..! Lol make a nigga wanna jacc dat shit and remix da fucc out dat bitch lol

    Ziploc and da zipsquad..
    niggas hotter than flippd cars..
    bravehearts but we ain’t wit Nas..
    Zip da type 2 roll da dice and let da chips fall..
    Sippn’ on a remy ova ice wit a thicc broad..
    White gold grill couple diamonds in it..
    Jokn’ about who pokn’ da mos finest women..
    I ain’t lyin’ nigga..
    Jus last night I had a chicc wit Rihanna face..Trina ass and waist wit a taste of Diamond in her…

    Lol nah let me chill..but I’m fuccn’ wit dat single HEAVY mane..Y’all niggas keep it’ niggas checcn’ 4 ya than ya thank #RealShit…

  11. LMAO off da pop shot @ Wondough in da “thank yous”..But Yo da single dope as fucc and da otha joint u postd a while bacc is likewise..but what’s really commendable is y’all put dis shit 2getha from a fuccn’ blog comment section which is FUCCN’ MAJOR..! Niggas don’t even fucc wit niggas from dey own hood lol let alone da internet..Das BIG cuz RealShit..but I’m lookn’ 4ward 2 da EP and interested in a collab if possible..GREAT work..1

  12. O shit lol I jus read da comments from here and my YouTube 2..its DubbDollars@gmail and preci8 da feedbacc on da YouTube shit I was jus fuccn’ round on da iPhone..I got stu quality work I jus ain’t Internet savvy enough 2 upload da shit so I said fucc it lol..but u already kno how I feel bout a collab so get @ me..Lets get it homie..AND LIBERATE ANOTHA SONG ALREADY..! u got us fiendn cuz lol

  13. @Zip

    I got you homie.

    Updated: New song up!! “Doing Great” 2nd single and leak from “Lifestyle Music”


  14. YO..! I’m spazzn’..! DIS DOIN’ GR8 SHIT GOIN’ DA FUCC OFF..!!! Man I h8 2 admit dis but so far I’m feeln’ dis project WAY MO’ than as promised..y’all niggas sound comfortable as fucc on dat flossn’ shit lol..mane gon liber8 da whole project bruh I NEED DAT IN MY LIFE..! 1

    “Throwbacc money like Mitchell and Ness…”

    “We jus charge it like Gambit…”

    “It’s like I took Jesus off da cross and put dat nigga on my damn chain…”

    “I’m goin’ chicc goin’ vegan..and my dicc da only meat dat she eatn’…”

    Mad quotables..I fux wit y’all zipsquad niggas..u got it bruh RealShit…

  15. O and cuz FLOWD LIKE A MUTHAFUCCA ova dat 2nd verse 2 bruh..! U niggas GOT IT cuz RealShit

  16. Lifestyle muzik>what da Firm/Commision album shoulda sound like..RealShit..I kno das a BOLD st8ment but fucc it das how I feel…by da way TruthSerum=Eskay witout a muthafuccn’ doubt homes..Fucc dat hatn’ ass nigga doe..1…

  17. @Zip

    Thats not Ashmi, homie. It ain’t nobody but Smooth aka Black Brokaw or Juan Doughzzz… And honestly, Smooth is prolli all of them.

    But like I said, if we was nobodies, nobody would hate, so apparently we doing SOMETHING right.


  18. wondough isn’t as bad as people make him out to be he can spit just got a speech impediment speech therapy will fix that he nice with it

    wondough is annoying though, spamming the comments with his music, do it 1 time, not 15 times

    LF: I just ran into a forum where prison inmates blog, post on forums, twitter and post on facebook. what is the world coming to? jail bunkies have macbooks and type now? ROFFLE

  19. I can’t fucking believe nate and eskay banned all my 7 aliases on nahright. I can’t post from any fucking email. it is not that fucking serious to permanently ban all my names. it was just games and jokes. they even banned my ip. can’t even post from a library at work.

  20. Yeah fbm besides all dat homo shit u was da realest 2 do it..salute

  21. Yo Shellz when u get a sec checc ya email

  22. Abortatron said:

    FBM – hit me on the g mizzle

    I need some work b..

    I’m bout to quit my job and move thes bricks..

    I’m tired of this fuck shit 9-5 ass bull shit man..

  23. Shellz it’s a done deal playboy..checc ya email 4 it in a usendit link..hope ya fuccn’ wit it..1

  24. Yo….

    Fuck George Bush Muney….

    We gettin that Wikileakz muney playboi….


    *leaks contents all over ya commentz*

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