Sunday at 5pm Eastern, catch LightWeightHeavyRadio in all of it’s painfully awkward, poorly produced DIY glory.

After a long summer break , the young gawd Aaron and me, the HKIC Tron returned to the internets in the most triumphant of fashions. If you missed it, you can listen to the 9.11 episode here.

This week, we have more of our discussion with Willie the Kid, more fuckery, more great music, and maybe a new member of the LWH/GBM masonic temple. (all we ask is trust) There are even rumors are circulating on the blogosphere that a diss track toward yours truly might surface. As always, we encourage you to join in on the discussion and create a u-stream account.

Comments on: "LWHRadio" (11)

  1. Yo Tron das u cuz..?!! Haaa u tryna get indictd nigga..?!! Lmao

  2. Nah zip…

    Thats Mac miller ..

    He’s my favorite rapper

    Top 5 DOA

  3. Lmao o my bad..carry on

  4. Top 5

    1. Bizzy Bone
    2. Mac Miller
    3. Bleek
    4. Bub Magic
    5. Jewels (A.I)

  5. bizzy kno wut it sound like when da thugz cry


  6. Bizzy and Bleek..Legend Status..so I can respect dat..AI top 5 no album out fa sho..I NEVA even heard of those otha 2 guys..let alone dey music..so otha than dat das a pretty solid list..*Salutes Tron Doe*…

  7. My TOP FAV 5 (RealTalk lol in order):
    1. Hov
    2. Big
    3. Nas
    4. Pusha-T
    5. Jay Elecf

    Honorable mention: 6)Mr. Scarface, 7)Dre 3 Stax

    *Str8 Face*

  8. mac miller is just an albino wiz khalifa

  9. Abort’s show was aborted…

    …by yours truley…cause I run dis internetz wid my leaks…

    …I’ll pay 50 G’s just to fuck up ya week…


  10. Who dis Ziploc?

    Wikileaks muney > george bush muney.

    …If money equals powa…then we got millionz of powa…

    …leakages were da keyz to my success…

    …i apologize for bein so dicreet wid my connectz…

  11. Fuck Boy Music clones lol da irony…

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