Only Built 4 Neocons

Dedicated to my fellow GBM neocons...

The war machine is in full motion, as planned….

Still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Drones in Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Pakistan, special forces in Uganda.

In the words of Bill Goldberg…“Who’s next?!” Syria? Iran?

Many analysts believe that a war with Iran would lead to a wider war with Russia and China… a.k.a WW3.

Are you ready for war, soldier?!?
Yours Sincerely
Harlem World – GBM Secretary of Defense

The essential Neocon  playlist:

Tupac: Bomb First

David Banner ft B.G: Bloody War

Nas: The General

Ruff Ryders ft Snoop and Scarface: WW3

Game ft Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel: Heavy Artillery

Drama: Let’s Go To War

Mia X Ft TRU & Mystikal – You Don’t Wanna Go 2 War

Westside Connection: Bow Down

Outkast: Bombs Over Baghdad

Rakim: Casualties of War

Twista: Kill Us All

(the view of this blogger does not neccesarily reflect the views of George Bush Money)

Comments on: "Only Built 4 Neocons" (14)

  1. Is dat….abortons dad in da middle…?

    i would leakz all over hillary rodhams…r kelly stylez like i do on wndoughnutz mamma…

    Where wondoughnutz at?? …he scurrred to go against da bawse…

    he betta not respond…or he gonna make me catch a body like dat…

    we on wun…i run dizzzz blawg…

  2. ^^^
    That this dude Juilan is a cornball ass nigga

  3. @ it ain’t hard 2 Tell


    Where da fucc everybody @..?!!

  4. Hdubb da genius…..

    Preach brotha…..

    The end….

    Is muthafuckin’ nigh…..

    Real spit…..

    Rich arrogant assholes is runnin this war shit…..

    Poor dumb idiots get gunned up and clapped quick…..

    Yes we can?…..

    Damn u on barry’s dick…..


  5. Yo sun u need to let me get a post nahmean, ima cum wit dat illumanati conspiracy swag….bring light to da darkness…remove da wool from da eyes nahmean? Conspiracies and goat heads, pentagrams, bilderberg meetings an alladat…

  6. Everyword I type turn to ethiopian gold, buffed up and shine….ima get at deez rich pricks dat be poisonin an pissin in da streams of consciousness of da masses nahmean…




  7. What force you talking about? I got foot soldiers on deck

  8. you mean get back at “deez rich pricks” by talking all that “illumunati conspiracy swag” shit and telling the people who really running this shit “rich arrogant assholes” and you “poor dumb idiots” need the wool removed from the eyes by me showing you the light cause yall been getting duped for like forever…is that what you mean

  9. get that hate out yo blood an dat illuminati frame out yo mind…..

    u ain’t kno cuz u ain’t wanna kno…..

    ignoramuses is blissful til dat free masonry start fuckin witcha an ya well bein…..

    die slo coward…..

    I hope dey stamp dat 666 an barcode on yo forehead an in ya anus…..


  10. u can worship baphomet an da light bearers if ya wanna…..

    we denounce dat devil shit on dis side…..


  11. So what you saying then…

  12. KranG is confused…He dont know whether to stop playing games or get straight to the point…cmon you supposed to be the brain…kranG is getting cornered by the SHREDDER and he dont know how to respond..

  13. Syria’s next than Iran…Gadaffi got bodied for trying to free his people from european imperialism..smh.. r.i.p to the Libyan Dinar

    cBc on US intervening on other countries governments tho, did you hear about Hillary Clinton saying Peña Nieto wouldn’t get elected over her dead body

  14. Forbes ranked Putin #2 most powerful leader in the world now behind Obama and ahead of Hu Jintao


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