LWHRadio 11/6

After shocking the world and returning from certain death, LightWeightHeavy Radio fought it’s way back to the internets and added a new chapter in the book of mediocre rap radio. 2 weeks later, God decided to spare another small group of rap nerds from what would have almost certainly been 2 awkward hours of unwarranted hate and bad jokes, crudely placed between a bunch of great rap music. There would be no show that day, for God decided to shut off the studio’s internet.

But the Time Warner bill has been paid, so tomorrow you can see for yourself why critics everywhere have hailed LWHRadio as “meh” and “kinda funny once in a while”.

Check the show out live @5pm eastern on Sunday 11/6. </a>

Comments on: "LWHRadio 11/6" (5)

  1. I`ve been an avid listener since the first airing of this show, but it should be noted this show ain’t going to be shit at all should the hosts decide not to include Emeralds, by Roc Marciano, in the playlist.

    Here’s to hoping that drastic, foolish decision is not made.

  2. George Bush doesn’t write RAP, people!

  3. That roc Marci definitely gets burn tonight.

    But this new b-ease? I might play that twice.

  4. GOD didnt stop your braodcast…I did…

    Take heed, I runz da internets and leaks game…

  5. i didm’t get it, and by ‘didn’t’ i mean did, and by ‘it’ i mean your mom

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