Rap Made Me Do It!

“I sit alone in my dirty ass room starrin’ at candles high on drugs//All alone wit my hand on my Mac 10 Handle…. schemin’ on you n*ggas” (c) Prodigy



Have you ever felt like a certain song, or a certain type of sound has made you feel like you’re in a trance? (Or maybe that’s just me?)

When I was younger, I had some friends he used to take drugs whilst listening to “aggressive content” whilst they got into all types of mischief.

More often than not, it was a song with a very low frequency (sub bass) or a slower tempo track with notes played at lower frequencies. Funnily enough, chopped and screwed music makes me feel relaxed and at times sleepy.

Sometimes it could even be the rappers tone of voice. I could always remember the lyrics of rappers with a more conversational style delivery (Prodigy/Rakim/ Guru et al) not long after hearing them, which I always assumed was because of the way they rapped.

Some studies have shown that music can significantly affect brain wave activity.

Psychologist Don Campbell is the author of the book The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit

Campbell states how different genres affect our brain wave activity. In the book, Campbell states how hip hop and heavy metal can “excite our nervous system and sometimes lead us into acting out dynamic behavior and self expression”. I always thought that his findings were interesting because whenever I do exercise I can only do it to hip hop or heavy metal, even though there are faster genre’s out there. It’s an interesting read whether you agree or disagree with his findings.

Another interesting study was conducted by Dimitri Valouev- a psychotherapist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

There are 4 types of brainwaves or electric activity produced by our brain: BETA , ALPHA, THETA, DELTA,
to summarize let’s say that :

—> There aregood BETA & bad BETA frequencies..
The good Beta correspond to states of great clarity….and the bad Beta correspond to “hyperactive”, compulsive behaviours.

–> When we close our eyes & relax inside the electric activity of our brain produces slower waves called ALPHA waves. When we are in Alpha, we can visualize scenes on our inner psychic screen, our imagination becomes vivid, we are peaceful & relaxed .

–> When we get into deeper states we reach a slower type of activity called THETA, a precise signal that we are in highly creative states, able to shuffle down information and reshuffle it into other new directions.
In theses creative states we can have sudden intuitions giving us seemingly ready-made insights & new solutions to old unresolved problems (the EUREKA state!).
Another lesser known aspect of THETA activity is its capacity to put us back in touch with repressed memories of highly emotional states that we kept repressed under our level of awareness…
This fragmented energy-information can now be reintegrated, reordered & unified .
–> DELTA waves are very very slow waves corresponding to unconscious information processing, subconscious scanning of environment to find important information for survival …We can learn to develop and recognize these different brain waves & access to our higher potential, this is the precise vocation of MMD music.


Songs that tend to put me in a trance:

Where Is Da Bud


Indian Flute

Harlem World


Slangin Rocks

Man Above

Spark Another Owl

How High

Thun and Kicko

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