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Let’s fly over to the West real quick for a moment.

A Crip convention is in full effect in this video, with G-Unit affiliate Spider Loc & Cash Daddy.

*rocks khakis with 100 pockets*

*rocks blue converse*

*rolls through crenshaw in a deep blue 64″

*is bout that life*

Jimmy Iovine on Bloomberg


Let’s talk business & technology for a minute…

So the other day, Jimmy Iovine (Chairman of Interscope & Owner of Beats By) was on Bloomberg talking about a range of topics, some interesting and some pretty absurd if you ask me.

Now, I’ve always strongly agreed that the digital era of music that we’re in has decreased audio quality. An mp3 is so heavily compressed, too much data is lost in the process of transferring formats. It’s acually better to listen to a .wav file, although they are much larger files than mp3’s.

But I strongly disagree with him saying they want to “replicate how it sounds in the studio”.

This is near impossible because studios are specifically tuned so that the acoustics are as “full” as possible.

It’s important to understand that sound quality decreases once a track leaves the studio. The mixing desk and state of the art sound systems aren’t there to support that sound, outside of the studio.

I also find it patronizing how he expects people to pay $100’s for some headphones, just to hear “how it was supposed to be heard”. I’m an audiophile, so I kind of care about that sort of stuff, but I doubt the average 14 year old browsing iTunes gives a shit about sound quality.

Talking Points

  • growth of Beats By exceeded expectations
  • “how can you buy an mp3 for $400 and then buy an earbud for $3 or $15 “
  • said sound increased with HDTV but digital era (mp3’s) has decreased the quality of sound
  • wants to fix the “ecosystem” of sound
  • wants to put pressure on tech companies to fix the sound quality of laptops/pc’s
  • Beats By is 50 % of the American market of headphones over $100 – and soon to be 50% worldwide
  • Dr Dre and other producers (Timbaland/Will I Am/Don Was) spent 2 years tuning the headphones
  • says the industry has declined due to piracy – not the same since 10 years ago
  • wants to get music subscription on a mass scale to combat piracy/increase sales
  • “people want music on demand, quick & good” –“want to be their own dj”

Fiend (International Jones): Life Behind Limo Glass

The latest mixtape from New Orleans artist Fiend. It’s good to see Mia X, Fiend & Curren$y recording together again on this tape.

  • Formerly of No Limit Records – Theres One In Every Family went Gold
  • Currently affiliated with Curren$y/ J.E.T.S

Trivia: I think Nesby Phipps is Mac (of No Limit Records) brother or cousin, I cant quite remember.

Fiend’s going for that smooth, James Bond approach on this. Good stuff.

Fiend/International Jones – Life Behind Limo Glass

Unreleased footage of inside Daddy’s House Studio

Here’s some unreleased footage from G-Dep. It’s pretty recent, as it’s from the time he was recording his second album at Bad Boy.

Appearances from G-Dep, Puff, Cassie, Dawn from Dirty Money, Q from Day 26, Harve Pierrre.

If you just wanna see Cassie , then skip to the 3.10 mark.

Lol at the pervert cameraman at the 4.10 mark. I see you..

Cartel MGM: 3 Wishes

The latest visual from the Brick Squad Monopoly artist.

Cartel is the first rapper not called T.I, I’ve ever seen wearing Akoo.

But in all seriousness, this track is like a 9/10 in terms of gullyness.

#about that life music

Jeezy performs Ballin & Welcome Back in Kentucky

Jeezy >>>> C.O Ross

Freddie Gibbs interview

  • His main musical influences being Scarface, Kool G Rap, Geto Boys, Mr Mike
  • Starting rapping because he was bored & got kicked out of the Army
  • Getting dropped from Interscope and industry politics
  • Says he will make fun records but strives to give the listener authenticity & social commentary
  • Jeezy letting him to continue to make the music he’s been making since day 1
  • Wanting to be the voice for Indiana & the Midwest

props to OutTheBoxTV