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Unreleased footage of inside Daddy’s House Studio

Here’s some unreleased footage from G-Dep. It’s pretty recent, as it’s from the time he was recording his second album at Bad Boy.

Appearances from G-Dep, Puff, Cassie, Dawn from Dirty Money, Q from Day 26, Harve Pierrre.

If you just wanna see Cassie , then skip to the 3.10 mark.

Lol at the pervert cameraman at the 4.10 mark. I see you..

Cartel MGM: 3 Wishes

The latest visual from the Brick Squad Monopoly artist.

Cartel is the first rapper not called T.I, I’ve ever seen wearing Akoo.

But in all seriousness, this track is like a 9/10 in terms of gullyness.

#about that life music

Jeezy performs Ballin & Welcome Back in Kentucky

Jeezy >>>> C.O Ross

Freddie Gibbs interview

  • His main musical influences being Scarface, Kool G Rap, Geto Boys, Mr Mike
  • Starting rapping because he was bored & got kicked out of the Army
  • Getting dropped from Interscope and industry politics
  • Says he will make fun records but strives to give the listener authenticity & social commentary
  • Jeezy letting him to continue to make the music he’s been making since day 1
  • Wanting to be the voice for Indiana & the Midwest

props to OutTheBoxTV

Uncle Murda ft Los & Q: Chase M’s

Uncle Murda drops a video for Chase M’s.

Real talk, Uncle Murda might want to chill for a minute with the aggressive content. The F.E.D.S sentenced his man, Ra Diggs to Life on a Conspiracy charge last year.

What’s more important is that they used his music, youtube videos and Twitter account as circumstantial evidence.

Allegedly, he was a high ranking Blood in NY who was heavily invovled in crack and heroin distribution, as well as being implicated in several murders.

Feds is listening…..

#bout that life music

Beanie Sigel: “They look at Ross as a facade”

Beanie Sigel interview – not sure how recent the footage is but it’s just been released today.

Talking Points:

  • On Rick Ross – “If I was a C.O, I wouldn’t have lied”
  • On Rocafella – “It’s a difference between family and relatives and who I thought was my family, wasn’t nothing but relatives”
  • Wants to see Ross and Jeezy beef – “Fat boy can rap but Jeezy talks that shit…. if you put it on a scale to my niggas who I fuck with, they gone rock with Jeezy all day”
  • Potential Yo Gotti/Jeezy/Jadakiss collabs
  • Says he never dissed Drake on a record
  • Still talks to 50 Cent
  • Says Kanye really wanted to diss Jay on Big Brother, because Karlene (Jay’s P.R Rep) made Kanye buy 2 tickets to his concert

Lupe Fiasco at the Channel 933 Concert

Lupe was in San Diego for the Channel 933 Summer Kickoff concert. Performances of Kick Push and The Show Goes On, after the jump.


Last Days Of The Roc: Dipset meet Victoria Beckham

The latest episode from Choke No Joke (former Roc-a-fella videographer).

This is an interesting video because you can sort of see how Dame,Cam & Biggs had formed a new power structure, while Jay-Z was M.I.A.

  • Juelz tells Cam to tell Dame that ODB forgot to take his meds and said fuck Dipset on stage.
  • Dipset in Sony Studios.
  • Freekey Zekey shows Victoria Beckham his bullet wounds.

Prodigy on Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj: “Kim should’ve been happy for her and just shut up”

Prodigy spoke on the Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj situation at a book signing for his biography, My Infamous Life.

       Talking Points:

  • “Kim is in the wrong, she should’ve never went at Nicki Minaj”
  • “Nicki Minaj is an amazing artist, shes new, shes talented, shes original, shes unique”
  • “Kim should’ve been happy for her and just shut up”
  • “In this day and time it’s not about who do it 1st, it’s about who do it best now.”
  • No more uniqueness e.g everybody using the same slang
  • “Nicki Minaj would’ve probably put her on tour and done songs with her, but shes burnt that bridge now & I’ve done that before

Mike Delorean: “Prodigy got Hepatitis C”

For those that don’t know, Mike Delorean has some harsh words to say to Prodigy after talking about his deceased mother in the controversial biography – My Infamous Life.

Background Info:

Mike Delorean was signed to Prodigy’s Infamous Records back in the late 90’s to early 00’s.

Alleged to be a NY Blood. Was signed to Suge Knight’s Death Row East with Lakey The Kid.

  • Promises to catch Prodigy either at his show or when he goes to his P.O.
  • “E Moneybags had you under pressure” – (does this relate to the racketeering aimed at rappers?)
  • Says Prodigy wasn’t even there when Nas & Mike Delorean got into a scuffle

Shoutout to Doggie Diamondz