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Lazy Producers Need Motivation


Back in 2010, one of the greatest MCing/Producing combos Hip Hop has ever witnessed sent out this particular tweet. Being the fan that I am, this news was cause for excitement. Unfortunately, we now live in an age where Rappers can express their unfiltered statements and give announcements like “This project is coming soon.”, “This project is a classic.” or “I am going to kill it this year.” yet these claims are often not backed up by meaningful actions. That’s right, Q-Tip was nowhere near back and throughout this article, which is a sequel [the original being this,] I’ll discuss some of his moves and their context, even though the fan in me low key wanted him to keep his word.


Willie The Kid “Sunz Of Man Dart”

words by Hopp & Tron

I said umm...

Looks like Willie The Kid’s about to orchestrate another slaughter. The Cure 2 coming soon. And not like Lost Tapes 2 is coming soon. Like actually coming soon. And if you thought The Fly 2 was a fluke, it would appear that you are about to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping that Willie is the type of  artist has been slowly rounding into form and steadily evolving and improving, showing signs that all along, his best shit is still to come.


L.E.P. Bogus Boys x Chase N. Cashe x Hit-Boy

Presented by the good folks over at Creative Control, of course. You shouldn’t have it any other way by this point. Honestly, much of a fan of Chase N. Cashe I’m not. I even think, and you better believe it, this is quite boring, so it’s a bit of a deception to see the Low End Professionals yet working with them instead of, say, the kid Megaman. Why not ? He’s shows some promise.

But to give credit where credit’s due, their collaboration FTW off Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 3 is quasidope, so I’ll wait for the final product so I can properly trash him see if he scored this time.

One thing’s for sure, they ain’t gonna top this with a Chase production. And you can put money on that.

Free “Free Gucci”

Gucci Mane somehow is caking with the “Free Gucci” t-shirt business, that’s the only explanation I can find for this kid to consistently get arrested. This latest arrest, which occurred a couple days ago on the eighth, could be be considered a violation of Gucci’s probation which is in place since 2005. Apparently, Gucci Three Cones pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle.


Willie The Kid “The Crazies…”

First of all, I have to laugh at the fact Willie’s vision of dropping a video is send it via e-mail to the blog family four days after it’s been uploaded. I think I can be blamed on that for not publishing this post earlier being that I had already seen it. Well, GBM still cares. © Deen



Juice ft. Bun B “Can’t Crush My Cool”

A couple days ago, I gave the latest Drumma Boy club-attempt [which you should actually avoid] a chance and it got me revisiting a playlist of mine that includes, if nothing else, enough Drumma-produced potential hits for the casual listener to see he’s not even trying that hard at this point. Especially given that, according to the man himself, he knocks down five beats per day.  It also showcases a level of diversity Zaytoven is uncapable of — which is something Gucci already figured out. I’d throw Lex Luger in there too but, apparently, he’s having much of the same trouble Drumma went through — being asked by the industry to keep delivering more of what he already did — so I’ll let the guy live for now.


Dumb Rappers Need Teaching [Pt. 1]

Lloyd Banks
Words: Yung Hopp, Edited: JihaD

Seriously– some of these rappers need teaching, and no, not just Jeezy. Honestly, quite a few rappers are in need of remedial career education. Not to worry, however, as Professor Hopp and Adjunct Professor JihaD are now offering classes to help these artists rebuild their careers and hopefully get back to making dope music again. So grab your notebooks, pens, and your copies of the Wu-Tang Manual, and take a seat– Class is in session, bitches.

*Writes Warm-up Exercise on the board*
*Bell Rings*
*Checks Roll*


The Up[and never]coming TM103

Hey, let’s all look at the bright side. According to Rap-Up, Jeezy collaborated with Drumma Boy and Travis Barker a couple months ago for an Intro to the Jeezy-created urban legend that now goes by the name of TM103.

So now we can all rest assured Jeezy already recorded the song that’s gonna introduce us to that album he’s not releasing. That’s quite fantastic.


Rapid-Fire Music

Everyday it gets harder to filter out some good music in the midst of all the shit that gets released daily. I swear Johnny Juliano already locked the worst song of 2011 in early April, you have to appreciate the commitment to failure.

Nevertheless, that’s not what you’ll be hearing here. Couple joints that dropped recently :


Review: “Capo”

First of all, I need to admit I never thought this day would come. Now, I’m not referring to the fact I’m blogging with the best of them, although that is an honor in itself, but rather that I’m actually writing a proper review to a Jim Jones album.