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Roc Marciano Can’t Collab With Crabs

Written by Abortatron, co-written by HL

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have been deprived of an internet connection (which is really the same thing, isn’t it?) then you know by now that ‘Marcberg’ was one of the most celebrated releases of last year. With word getting around that Marciano is working on a follow up full-length project, my comrade HL and I decided it would be a good idea to make a few suggestions regarding who should appear on the upcoming LP. If you’re reading this, Roc – take notes. (more…)

In Defense of Albert Johnson

I think it’s safe to say Mobb Deep’s initial post-penitentiary efforts have been greeted with a lukewarm critical reception. It came as no surprise to witness ‘Dog Shit’ written off as underwhelming, as Nas is habitually maligned across the blogosphere. What is puzzling, however, is the cold shoulder Prodigy has received thus far considering just a few weeks ago “Free P” was certainly a ubiquitous movement. (more…)

An Introduction To Blu

DOWNLOAD: An Introduction To Blu

The homie Samir (who I’m convinced is actually Blu himself) came through with a twenty five track compilation which does NOT include any retail songs. Just a multitude of more obscure efforts with solid sound quality. Click on the image after the jump to zoom in on the tracklist. Enjoy.



DOWNLOAD: Mobb Deep & Nas – “Dog Shit”

As my esteemed colleague Deen reminded us last week, it’s been nearly seven years since the last official collaboration between Nas, Mobb Deep, and The Alchemist. Did the Queensbridge (and Beverly Hills) quartet bring the Uzi in the army jacket lining, or buckle under pressure of unrealistic expectations? The G.B.M. alumni provide their uniquely bias opinions, as well as measure the song’s worth using a five unit rating system. Let the games begin.

REVIEW: “The Fly 2”

DOWNLOAD: Willie The Kid – “The Fly 2”

Many moons ago the criminally underrated high exalted Don Bishop Agallah suggested the mixtape is the album. Fast forward nearly a decade later and the industry has certainly embraced 8-Off’s approach. As we turn the corner on the first quarter, Reakwon’s “Shaolin Vs.Wu-Tang” is the only official full-length album that stands among the elite 2011 releases. This year’s other notable projects have been distributed exclusively through Mediafire Records. In the digital age mixtapes lacking focus and original production are likely to go in one ear, out the other, and subsequently into the recycle bin (ask Pusha T). (more…)