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A Deal is a Deal- #Winning

Mindy Marin


Mindy >.

Aight, so yesterday on my Twitter feed, I had an actual discussion about Wiz Khalifa Latifah with some of my esteemed hooligans and deviants. The conversation shifted from how shitty that nigga album is (sorry Amp), when the inevitable retort, “Well, did you ever listen to Kush & OJ?”, the project normally cited as his artistic pinnacle, was asked. Of course I replied, “No.”, and I consider the Pittsburgh native the lowest of L.C.D. Rap (right around such LCD luminaries as Donnis and Curtains) and could never subject my eardrums to verbal butcher knife that is a Wiz Khalifa verse.

When asked what it would take to get me to listen to Kush and OJ, I replied thusly. (Lattisaw Tapes asked for one of Mindy’s famous Ustreams, but you win some, you lose some *Kanye Shrug*). Little did I know that the following day I would find both the picture above and this in my twitter feed.

Welp, a deal’s a deal, and as suck such, I am now downloading Kush and OJ with an promise to take an unbiased listen to the project and give everyone a review of it. As a self-professed Wiz hater, the question one must ask is– “Was it Worth it?”

Then I peep those legs and those Tig ol’ Bitties and I say, “You Cot Damn right it was worth it!”

Now, if only we can get that Usteam popping, ma.

*starts listening to Kush & OJ*


The LwH/GBM Remix Contest

After several discussions and even more suggestions, we’re finally happy to announce the details for the first official LightWeightHeavy Remix Battle. Initially, we tossed around the idea of creating a live beat battle on the show, but it seemed like a huge undertaking. It’s tough to get everyone to participate when there’s only a two hour window to work within. Eventually, we decided to steal 50 Cent’s brilliant idea, and just place an acapella out there to let the producers work their magic with it.

When it came down to choosing an actual song for everyone to work with, I knew we wanted to go with Nas, given his penchant for picking shitty beats. *ducks hail of bullets from the GBM staff* Instead of going with a beat that is begging for improvement, we decided to choose one that sets the bar high with it’s original production, and force the beatsmiths to really bring their A-game.

So here you have it – Nas’ “Purple”, my favorite song off Lost Tapes, stripped down to just the vocals. In my time on the hip hop blog comment section circuit, I’ve seen a lot of shit talking about how “nobody is fucking with my beats” from various screen names, so here is your chance. Submit your entries by May 1st (of THIS year, slackers) and we will play the submissions on LWHRadio.

If you win, you’ll be the lucky recipient of a dime bag of Ohio’s finest dirt weed, a pack of g-unit wife beaters, and bragging rights amongst your internet peers as the champion of the boards.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Purple Acapella

and yo – Salaam Remi, I know you are probably lurking, but don’t bother jumping into this competition, fam. I don’t wanna hear Nas over your shit ever again.