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Dallas Lifestyle Music x Alpha Davis x Zipsquad


Lifestyle Music- ZipSquad

I’ve already said enough about this project, so go Download it and lemme know what you think!


LifeStyle Music EP Artwork x Preview


Watch The Throne (initial thoughts)

Note-this is something I threw together on my tumblr last night while listening to the album. It’s sort of a stream of conciousness type post, but shellz read it and said I should throw it up on GBM, as is. So here it is…

I’m finally at home, with headphones.. just gonna throw a couple thoughts out there as i give this album a real thorough listen..i skimmed it earlier, and heard a few songs in full, and was able to catch some others thoughts on the album, here are mine.


Happy Independence Day From the GBM Staff

Here at GeorgeBushMoney, the rest of the young republicans  and myself would like to wish you and your fam a happy 4th of July. Keep it safe and enjoy.  I could go on a rant here, and talk about all the fucked up situations that America is in right now. War, recession, racism..  I could get into 9/11 conspiracy theories and talk about how Rhianna and Jay-Z are taking a blood oath tonight, instead of watching some fireworks somewhere.  But nah.. it’s a holiday. Go drink something… Smoke something.. Blow some shit up. The problems of the world will still be here tomorrow.

And if you are looking for something to set your BBQ off, make sure you download the 2nd installment of Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s SummerTime mixtape series. GET IT HERE

And just because, here’s a rap song called “America”

Kool G Rap – “I Am”

G-Rap gets no love.  I mean, sure… Raekwon or Nas or (insert legendary NY rapper here) is quick to credit the god as a huge influence or a pioneer.  But rarely will someone bring up the Kool Genius when discussing the best of the best, and I’m not sure why.  I’d guess the reason that you don’t see “Kool G-Rap is a legend” sandwiched between jokes about someones mom and the age old “Jay>Nas” debates on the internets is just a matter of timing.  G-Rap’s career peaked just before the Illmatic/36 Chambers/Ready to Die era of East Coast hip-hop, and a lot of heads just missed out on the Juice Crew/Native Tongues period of rap. It’s a shame too, because your favorite golden era MC more than likely was a stan for Kool  G-Rap  back in the day. Often credited with helping to create the “Mafioso Rap” sub-genre, G-Rap has birthed countless MC’s, and this track that leaked today should show that he’s still capable of dropping jewels after 2 decades in the game.

Where would you rank G-Rap among the GOAT’s ?


Off the upcoming Ceasar & P-Starr’s upcoming “War Music”

The Zip SquaD – “Long Nights, Cold Champagne & Weed Smoke” (snippet)

In case you aren’t familiar, The ZipSquaD is made up of Spitgame, Brian Ennals, M-Lito, and GBM’s very own Shellz Scorcese. I tried to become an honorary member of the ZipS, but I’m way too white. Anyway, the reason I mention all this, is because I recently had the privilege of hearing a few songs from the projects they are finishing up, and I can say with confidence that they have all stepped their respective game up significantly. I tried to get Shellz to let me post one of the unfinished songs, but we decided to leak a verse from Lito that would probably remain in the vaults otherwise. Be sure to check for the “Lifestyle Music EP” and “Orion’s Belt EP” dropping way sooner than you think. And if you haven’t already, check out “The As Promised EP” on bandcamp.

Stay tuned to GBM and LWHRadio (yes, the show will be back next week) for more new music from the Zips.