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Nas -“Nasty”

Not sure how I feel about this one yet. The beat definitely isn’t anything I’ll be writing home about, but Nasir does appear to be spitting hot fire, no Dylan. I’ll let you be the judge.

Shout out to Flex for doing his best to fuck this up with the bomb dropping and the talking. Hopefully, the tagless will surface soon.



Royce Da 5’9: Second Place (produced by DJ Premier)

Who said Royce fell off?

Semi autos at yo cartilage…

Success Is Certain coming July 26th

Curren$y – “She Don’t Want a Man”

How long is Curren$y capable of making smooth, laid back, weed-induced party raps ? I mean, it has to become played out at some point. Right? Wrong. If RAWSE can make the same song over and over again, with the same Lex Luger beat, same coke talk, and name-dropping whoever he thinks he is this month, then who is to say Curren$y can’t continue to do his thing ? As long as people keep smoking pot, they will require a proper soundtrack to it (Dude, you gotta hear that Covert Coup on weed?). Spitta has been on an unbelievable roll lately, dropping quality kush music at a pace reminiscent of Wayne in ’07. Between the Pilot Talk series, which features some of the best shit Ski has done in years, to mixtapes with all Alchemist beats, it’s kinda hard to fuck up. And, from the looks of things, the JetLife is showing no sign of slowing down, with 3 more projects due by the year’s end that we can only assume will feature more crack encrusted production based on this first leak from Curren$y’s next project, Weekend at Burnies. Surprisingly, he actually keeps the weed references to a minimum here, and raps about fucking someone’s bitch. (no #basedGod) Who cares ? Just Enjoy This Shit.

Bad Meets Evil Meets Bruno Mars “Lighters”

If you’re a fan of Royce, is this really how u want him to get on?


Young Jeezy x DJ Drama – The Real is Back


Remember back when Jeezy was that dude? The Recession was a critical and commercial success, well received by both internet rap nerds and actual dope boys. Trap or Die 2 would have made a worthy follow up album, so as a mixtape, it was more than sufficient.

And then, out of nowhere, Jeezy fell off. Or maybe he didn’t. I can’t call it. In an era where 3 months is like a year, and a year is like a decade, it seems like forever since he’s been relevant.


Fiend (International Jones): Life Behind Limo Glass

The latest mixtape from New Orleans artist Fiend. It’s good to see Mia X, Fiend & Curren$y recording together again on this tape.

  • Formerly of No Limit Records – Theres One In Every Family went Gold
  • Currently affiliated with Curren$y/ J.E.T.S

Trivia: I think Nesby Phipps is Mac (of No Limit Records) brother or cousin, I cant quite remember.

Fiend’s going for that smooth, James Bond approach on this. Good stuff.

Fiend/International Jones – Life Behind Limo Glass

Willie The Kid “Sunz Of Man Dart”

words by Hopp & Tron

I said umm...

Looks like Willie The Kid’s about to orchestrate another slaughter. The Cure 2 coming soon. And not like Lost Tapes 2 is coming soon. Like actually coming soon. And if you thought The Fly 2 was a fluke, it would appear that you are about to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping that Willie is the type of  artist has been slowly rounding into form and steadily evolving and improving, showing signs that all along, his best shit is still to come.