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Watch The Throne (initial thoughts)

Note-this is something I threw together on my tumblr last night while listening to the album. It’s sort of a stream of conciousness type post, but shellz read it and said I should throw it up on GBM, as is. So here it is…

I’m finally at home, with headphones.. just gonna throw a couple thoughts out there as i give this album a real thorough listen..i skimmed it earlier, and heard a few songs in full, and was able to catch some others thoughts on the album, here are mine.


Ten (?) Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT

Ten Thirteen Fifteen Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT”

Be Clear- Marvin” Tony Yayo” Bernard is NOT the best rapper alive, or the next King of New York, or anything designated or attached to the words “amazing” and/or “rapper” in any combination. Yayo is a GOON– Too many stories have arisen to the contrary; from the Death of Busta’s Bodyguard to Shutting Down the Mixtape Awards to Laying hands on allegedly slapping Jimmy Henchman’s Son, Marvin has been involved in every incident, and every incident has usually resulted in a beatdown, shooting, or death.


SP Chain Gang x Sigel Back

State Prop Chain Gang

Download: HERE

Shout out the bul @PhillyReese215 for upping the freestyle.

A Coontastic Series of Events: BET Awards

Look, if you didn’t watch the BET EBT Coontastic Series of Events Awards show last night, theres really only three things you need to know:

Revisiting The Classic Commercial Rap Album Template

Disclaimer: This is some serious rap nerd shit. Now on with our scheduled programming. 

For a guy that’s achieved as much as LL Cool J has, he’s mentioned very little these days. I suppose he (along with Will Smith?) kinda served as the bridge between both ‘Golden Eras’ of rap (classic 80s shit and the Dre/Wu-Tang/Nas/Biggie generation). From a critical perspective, Mr. Smith has had his ups and downs, but he managed a pretty nifty trick in staying relevant for over 20 years and 13 albums.


5 Mixtapes That Deserve Your Hard Drive Space (From Jan-Apr)

We “old heads” enjoy bitching and moaning about how Hip-Hop today will never stack up to the “Golden Era”– its fun, and in many ways, it’s true. Constant comparisons between the “new hotness” and your favorite rapper from the 90’s are unavoidable.

But let’s be realistic.

We aren’t getting another Illmatic; There will NEVER be another Biggie, and do you really believe you can compare Drake and J. Cole to Hov and Nas? Well… good luck with that. (more…)

Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ // Fastlane

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – Fastlane

Honestly, when news leaked a few days ago that these two are planning to drop an EP on June 14 (Bad Meets Evil), I was less than excited. I’m a fan of both rappers, but I’ve soured on collaborations a bit (too many of em these days) and this shit would have been a better idea in 2003.


Review: “Gunz N Butta”

Cam’ron & Vado – Gunz N Butta

(E1, 2011)

Compared to his less then enthusiastic performance on 2009’s Crime Pays, these days Cam’ron looks to be back in Killa Season form and you’d have to attribute at least some of his new found energy to his latest protege, Vado. The two had been dominating the blog/mixtape scene as The U.N. for the past couple of years and released a “retail mixtape” Hot In Here Vol. 1 (a few new tracks along with a bunch of CDQ versions of their most popular mixtape cuts) in 2010. Curiously the E1 release was to relatively little fan fare, with very little in the way of promotion, viral or otherwise. Still, Cam and Vado have continued to have the streets buzzing in 2011, as they prepare for their first official album, Gunz N Butta. (more…)

DJ Quik: The Book Of David

Forget about Detox for now. I’m more hyped for The Book Of David.

This album was supposed to be released last year, but the process of getting features and samples cleared have unfortunately delayed the project. Until now.

The latest leaks from the album indicate to me that The Book of David will be more than worth the wait. Judging from the chords & tempos of the tracks, it feels like it might be a smooth summertime album, perfect for hot weather and late nights.

For some reason L.A inspires artists to create magic. Maybe it’s in the air (or maybe it’s the weed?)

Here’s a couple joints to hold you over until the album drops..
DJ Quik ft Ice Cube: Boogie Till You Conk Out

Dj Quik ft Gift Reynolds: Luv Of My Life

The Book Of David (finally) drops on April 20th

Juice ft. Bun B “Can’t Crush My Cool”

A couple days ago, I gave the latest Drumma Boy club-attempt [which you should actually avoid] a chance and it got me revisiting a playlist of mine that includes, if nothing else, enough Drumma-produced potential hits for the casual listener to see he’s not even trying that hard at this point. Especially given that, according to the man himself, he knocks down five beats per day.  It also showcases a level of diversity Zaytoven is uncapable of — which is something Gucci already figured out. I’d throw Lex Luger in there too but, apparently, he’s having much of the same trouble Drumma went through — being asked by the industry to keep delivering more of what he already did — so I’ll let the guy live for now.