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Revisiting The Classic Commercial Rap Album Template

Disclaimer: This is some serious rap nerd shit. Now on with our scheduled programming. 

For a guy that’s achieved as much as LL Cool J has, he’s mentioned very little these days. I suppose he (along with Will Smith?) kinda served as the bridge between both ‘Golden Eras’ of rap (classic 80s shit and the Dre/Wu-Tang/Nas/Biggie generation). From a critical perspective, Mr. Smith has had his ups and downs, but he managed a pretty nifty trick in staying relevant for over 20 years and 13 albums.


Unreleased footage of inside Daddy’s House Studio

Here’s some unreleased footage from G-Dep. It’s pretty recent, as it’s from the time he was recording his second album at Bad Boy.

Appearances from G-Dep, Puff, Cassie, Dawn from Dirty Money, Q from Day 26, Harve Pierrre.

If you just wanna see Cassie , then skip to the 3.10 mark.

Lol at the pervert cameraman at the 4.10 mark. I see you..

Throwback Post: Mr. Bigg’s Trial Time

From: GuttaboyjihaD’s Tumblr

Three Things I Think (Special Edition): Mr. Bigg- Trial Time

My undergraduate mentor, who is currently working as a County public defense lawyer in Macon, Georgia, would often send me and some of our mutual friends an e-mail of various trials and defendants he had to defend, beginning from his time in working Public Defense in Albany til now. Some of these stories-


Throwback Post: HOOD CLASSICS, Vol. 83…


I don’t know where you’re from, but around my neck of the woods people consider “Belly” a certified classic movie.

Actually, that’s false.  What I meant to write was that I question your life choices and common sense if you don’t regard Belly to be a wonderful movie.

I mean, what’s not to love about the movie? Besides the plot? And the acting? And the dialogue? If we held plot, dialogue and acting against all movies, then there’d be no good movies.  FACT.  Real connoisseurs know that you can only truly judge the awesomeness of a film by the number of yuks and irrelevant amusing tangents in the film.  Belly is a fucking winner.

In lieu of a proper defense of this honorable hood classic, I’ll list all the reasons to watch Belly again.  Besides the plot and acting of course.


Throwback Blogs – Everybody Hates Charles Hamilton

(This was originally posted September 2010 & since then, Charles has had run ins with the law but, sadly, no new music. Not sure what’s going on with Chuck these days, but here’s to hoping he’s in a good mental state where ever he is)

If you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet then chances are you’ve heard of this kid from Harlem named Charles Hamilton. Seemingly bursting on the Hip-Hop scene out of nowhere, Charles hit the blogs in 2008 as a fully formed artist, with a story (Homeless heroin addict/musical prodigy), a gimmick (All Pink Everything), an alter ego (Sonic The Hedgehog) and a label deal with Interscope Records already in place. I caught my first glimpse of Hamilton in a YouTube vid where he was having an impromptu freestyle session with Kanye West & The Game and it was clear that not only was Charles a true MC who could hang with the big boys but he could prolly rap circles around a few of them as well. Effortless in his flow, Charles Hamilton remains one of the best true freestyle rappers I’ve ever seen, but he was out to prove that he was more then just a one trick pony and had some very interesting (and opinionated) views on Hip-Hop and how to “play the game”.