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I might write a full review of the MMG album (Self-Made, Vol.1) in the future, but it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty
decent effort. It’s good. Cop produced or otherwise. Actually, I won’t write a full review. I’m lazy that way.

That being said, the hook on ‘By Any Means’ has to be the apex of Rick Rawse’s fantasy-deludo rap. Holy fuck. My brain exploded listening to that shit. The fucked up thing is that it might even be the best song on the entire project (competition comes in the form of the song that has Curren$y on it – shit’s smooth), so I’m destined to hear it a few more times. Let’s examine this shit briefly:


R-I-P Tudda Competition…..

May 24th…..

Tha RAWSE Reich begins…..

We swimmin’ in hater-infest’d waters…..