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Thug Motivation 103 (The Bootleg)

Guess Jeezy's looking for a TM103 release date just like the rest of us

Since the release of The Recession in 2008, Young Jeezy has seen his popularity wane somewhat and that’s mostly due to the rise of  artists like Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, rappers who basically inhabit the same lane Jeezy does but who’s musical output and off record antics  have managed to captivate the attention of fans. For the most part, the days of taking years off between albums are over. Such a large gap in time between projects used to build anticipation for something new from an artist but today’s rap fans are spoiled by the internet and the flood of music readily available to them at any given time.  An artist who takes time off can easily get branded irrelevant in favor of the next best thing…and that’s exactly what happened to Young Jeezy. (more…)