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Cartel MGM: 3 Wishes

The latest visual from the Brick Squad Monopoly artist.

Cartel is the first rapper not called T.I, I’ve ever seen wearing Akoo.

But in all seriousness, this track is like a 9/10 in terms of gullyness.

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Cartel MGM – Narcocorrido

Who: Cartel MGM – Mafia Made

Based: Atlanta (via East L.A)

Similar to: Mack 10, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka

Standout tracks: Veintiocho, Get Blessed, Hands In, I Love, Killaz On My Team, F*cked Up

Like it or not, Brick Squad have been carrying the torch for gangsta rap, in this era of estrogen filled music.

The latest mixtape from the Brick Squad Monopoly/Mexican Goon Mafia member, seems to follow the same formula but with an interesting twist.

Unlike other Atlanta trap rappers such as OJ & Gucci, Cartel MGM isn’t rhyming about sitting in the trap all day, serving the community. Nah, none of that. On his latest mixtape Mafia Made, you’re more likely to hear him talk of moving work across the border, enforcing debts & taxes, running mules. (more…)