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Are You Hotly Anticipating The Carter 4

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For some reason, they keep letting this Khaled guy release records.  I wouldn’t mind so much if they were actually good records and at one point, there was some novelty to having every artist from the South not currently incarcerated (and Fat Joe) on a single track with Akon or T-Pain on the hook.  Too bad that idea got stale right after Khaled’s second album hit stores…4 YEARS AGO. But for some reason, Khaled continues to have a recording career despite the fact he has little actual musical talent (I mean, he says he’s a producer but 1 beat every 3-4 years? That’s not a career as a producer. That’s a hobby).  At any rate, this time around, Khaled managed to link up with Cash Money Records for album number four, the modestly titled We The Best Forever. The first single, “Welcome To My Hood“, takes the Khaled blueprint to its peak  but neither it, nor it’s over the top  remix (including a hot 16 from DJ Khaled) made me blink an eye. Heard it before, seen it before. Meh. Nice try. The second single however, fares a little better. (more…)

CURRENSY. A Brief Primer…

"Hazy, per usual"

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Note: In an effort to counteract what Amp subjected you to earlier today (that Joomane shit), I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect an old post from the blog. Although Curren$y and Joomane share few things in common – they look a little slow and they are proficient at getting money – its what they choose to do with the money that speaks volumes. I’ll just say that being Coogi’s sole customer in 2011 is a ridiculous thing. Anyway, you can call this”looks like he’s retarded rap.” Still, it beats Lupe’s “recycling bin rap.” Enjoy.