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Are Viacom right to ban Game: Red Nation?

Viacom allegedly banned Game’s latest video, Red Nation.

Now it’s possible the video was purposely banned to create publicity, for example Kanye West’s cover for My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy.  Let’s be honest here. Nicki is in more demand than Wayne and if Interscope really thought Game was in high demand, they’d have given his album a fixed release date.

However, it seems like a strange decision to me, mainly because Viacom has had no problem with content that promotes organized crime and gang activity, as well as other deviant social issues.

Game is 31 years old. Lil Wayne is 28 and resides in a $14 million home, in an exclusive gated community of Florida. Wayne is the probable heir to a $400 million business.I find it hard to believe that these  2 rappers are on the streets, putting in work for their sets in between studio, stage, interviews etc.

There have been several high-ranking gang members who have questioned the authenticity of rappers claiming gangs.

Many rappers were never initiated into gangs and some have even been victims of racketeering by gangs, judging by recent reports.

Granted, rappers claim they aren’t role models but we should at least hold them responsible to portraying reality.

“be about that life” (c) GBM Comments Section

Maybe, I’m wrong and Game unintentionally got himself censored (or intentionally, I don’t know his stance on politics) with pro Communist propaganda such as:

Russia got a red flag U.S. got red stripes

Che Guevara of the New Era test me