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Ten (?) Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT

Ten Thirteen Fifteen Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT”

Be Clear- Marvin” Tony Yayo” Bernard is NOT the best rapper alive, or the next King of New York, or anything designated or attached to the words “amazing” and/or “rapper” in any combination. Yayo is a GOON– Too many stories have arisen to the contrary; from the Death of Busta’s Bodyguard to Shutting Down the Mixtape Awards to Laying hands on allegedly slapping Jimmy Henchman’s Son, Marvin has been involved in every incident, and every incident has usually resulted in a beatdown, shooting, or death.


Real Rap: A Philly DVD Rap History Manual

Best of Philly DVD Raps: Download HERE

Public Service Announcement- Philly got the BEST spitters, dead or alive. Period. FACT.

1.1 Hours of Crack

I’m a huge fan of instrumentals. Of course, I appreciate the rappin’ as well, but often I am totally content when there’s just an incredible beat and no shitty rappity rap character to mess it up by rhyming sense, cents, and scents (don’t even ask me how…). And while the debate will forever continue as far as who the greatest producer of all time is, when it comes to straight up beats, there is no discussion. Yes, RZA changed the game, and his catalog is unfuckwittable. Yes, Q-tip did a little of everything, from ATCQ to his work with Nas and Mobb Deep early in their career. Yes, you weren’t shit in the early to mid 90’s if you didn’t have a Pete Rock remix. Yes, Alchemist has been cooking crack since the 90’s and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


Someone Else’s Elzhi Compilation

So apparently, 2011 is the year that “urban legend”  releases finally see the light of day. Greatest Story Never Told got released. Lasers finally dropped. Some people are even delusional enough to think that Act II or Detox might finally be liberated by year’s end (ROFL).

Another project that has forever been  on the backburner was Elzhi’s eLmatic – a tribute to Nas’ heralded debut. The wait will finally be over this Tuesday, when eLmatic finally makes its way onto hard drives and iPod’s everywhere (sn- why are we still calling them “tapes”?).  So I thought it would be a good idea to put together an Elzhi compilation for those who may not be as familiar with his work as they should be.   (more…)