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Lost Tapes 2 is Dead

Looks Like The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 Will Remain Lost

If you haven’t heard by now, Lost Tapes 2 is “canceled” according to Esco himself. What the fuck is going on over at Deaf Jam? (Let’s call it “Deaf Jam” from now on, because apparently, those bastards can’t hear) If I’m running a label with Nas on the roster, I’m making sure that shit gets out. Obviously, I don’t run a label, I’m speaking as a fan, but let’s look at it from a numbers perspective – if you want a Nasir album that has the best chance to succeed, why wouldn’t it be Lost Tapes 2? An LP of new Esco material would be welcomed at this point, but let’s be realistic, it could very well end up being more I Am than Stillmatic. Distant Relatives 2? Nah.. no thanks. Lost Tapes is prepackaged crack. The best producers in the game have gone on record saying they have Nas joints in the vaults. One would assume that the songs that would make up Lost Tapes 2 would be the same caliber as it’s predecessor, which most fans count among their favorite Nas LP’s. People WANT this album to drop. The controversy alone surrounding this project has provided it with a bigger buzz than Distant Relatives ever had. (more…)