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DJ Quik: The Book Of David

Forget about Detox for now. I’m more hyped for The Book Of David.

This album was supposed to be released last year, but the process of getting features and samples cleared have unfortunately delayed the project. Until now.

The latest leaks from the album indicate to me that The Book of David will be more than worth the wait. Judging from the chords & tempos of the tracks, it feels like it might be a smooth summertime album, perfect for hot weather and late nights.

For some reason L.A inspires artists to create magic. Maybe it’s in the air (or maybe it’s the weed?)

Here’s a couple joints to hold you over until the album drops..
DJ Quik ft Ice Cube: Boogie Till You Conk Out

Dj Quik ft Gift Reynolds: Luv Of My Life

The Book Of David (finally) drops on April 20th