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An Open Letter To Daniel Dumile

Where the fuck is Madvillainy 2? What the fuck?! I can look past the fact that you and Ghost never got around to finishing Swift and Changeable.That always seemed like a rap-nerd’s fantasy, and honestly it always had that “too good to be true” aura to it. I can look past the issue of you not showing up to your own shows. In a way, it’s what a true super villain would do. I don’t buy the whole bit about “DOOM being a character, and many actors can play that role”. Straight up, the shit is just funny to me. I just won’t ever pay money to see you in concert. I can even dismiss the fact that Born Like This was sub-par. You set the bar unbelievably high with the early part of your discography, so I’ll give you a pass on that one, even though it hurt my soul to not be able to give a DOOM album constant repeat spins like i was able to do with your previous work. (more…)