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Ten (?) Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT

Ten Thirteen Fifteen Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT”

Be Clear- Marvin” Tony Yayo” Bernard is NOT the best rapper alive, or the next King of New York, or anything designated or attached to the words “amazing” and/or “rapper” in any combination. Yayo is a GOON– Too many stories have arisen to the contrary; from the Death of Busta’s Bodyguard to Shutting Down the Mixtape Awards to Laying hands on allegedly slapping Jimmy Henchman’s Son, Marvin has been involved in every incident, and every incident has usually resulted in a beatdown, shooting, or death.


GB$ Presents: Cold Corner 2: The Un-Mixed Tape





Let’s fly over to the West real quick for a moment.

A Crip convention is in full effect in this video, with G-Unit affiliate Spider Loc & Cash Daddy.

*rocks khakis with 100 pockets*

*rocks blue converse*

*rolls through crenshaw in a deep blue 64″

*is bout that life*

Dumb Rappers Need Teaching [Pt. 1]

Lloyd Banks
Words: Yung Hopp, Edited: JihaD

Seriously– some of these rappers need teaching, and no, not just Jeezy. Honestly, quite a few rappers are in need of remedial career education. Not to worry, however, as Professor Hopp and Adjunct Professor JihaD are now offering classes to help these artists rebuild their careers and hopefully get back to making dope music again. So grab your notebooks, pens, and your copies of the Wu-Tang Manual, and take a seat– Class is in session, bitches.

*Writes Warm-up Exercise on the board*
*Bell Rings*
*Checks Roll*


Aggressive Content

DOWNLOAD: Musik To Catch A Body TOO

For anybody who been following me on Tumblr, in the c-section, on twitter, and now here (George Bush Money Bitches!) you know I have an appreciation for Aggressive Content– It may be that I am a product of my enviornment (Philly!), it may because I skipped therapy after being shot three times (seriously), or it may just be that happy-go-lucky rap sucks balls; I dunno. I DO know that I can’t listen to these whiny, crybaby emo niggas anymore. Hell, even Lil B who may or may not have feminine tendencies got SOME heart (word to him shitting on Joe Budden), but most of these new school niggas is too busy treating this rap shit like its Saved By The Bell or some shit—everybody wanna be Screech getting shit on at the popular table instead of telling Zach and Slater they pussy and bending Lisa Turtle over a table while the other two broads watched. (more…)