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Happy Independence Day From the GBM Staff

Here at GeorgeBushMoney, the rest of the young republicans  and myself would like to wish you and your fam a happy 4th of July. Keep it safe and enjoy.  I could go on a rant here, and talk about all the fucked up situations that America is in right now. War, recession, racism..  I could get into 9/11 conspiracy theories and talk about how Rhianna and Jay-Z are taking a blood oath tonight, instead of watching some fireworks somewhere.  But nah.. it’s a holiday. Go drink something… Smoke something.. Blow some shit up. The problems of the world will still be here tomorrow.

And if you are looking for something to set your BBQ off, make sure you download the 2nd installment of Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s SummerTime mixtape series. GET IT HERE

And just because, here’s a rap song called “America”


Jeezy performs Ballin & Welcome Back in Kentucky

Jeezy >>>> C.O Ross

The Up[and never]coming TM103

Hey, let’s all look at the bright side. According to Rap-Up, Jeezy collaborated with Drumma Boy and Travis Barker a couple months ago for an Intro to the Jeezy-created urban legend that now goes by the name of TM103.

So now we can all rest assured Jeezy already recorded the song that’s gonna introduce us to that album he’s not releasing. That’s quite fantastic.