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Nasir x Risan: The Introspective Mixtape

NasiRisan <-- Daddy Loves You

Yea, I was scared. Real scared. I didn’t even have a chance to be shocked at the fact that we were having Twins (Muthafucking TwINS…SHEESH) because the next thing the doctor told us was, ” Sir, your children might be dead in the next 3 months”

SP Chain Gang x Sigel Back

State Prop Chain Gang

Download: HERE

Shout out the bul @PhillyReese215 for upping the freestyle.

Killer Mike x Burn


Heres the official video for one of the standout songs from Mike Bigga Killer Mike’s 3rd entry into his Pledge Allegiance to the Grind series, PL3DGE,  which, for my money, should already be in the Album of the Year conversation.

Review coming soon. A nigga finally done with all this fucking studying, test taking, and general student fuckery I have subjected my mind to over the past couple months.

Oh, and Orion’s Belt EP recording session on Sunday… Bitches


GB$ Presents: Cold Corner 2: The Un-Mixed Tape




Be A Man Hogan (RIP Macho Man)

According to,

Macho Man Randy Savage has died in a car accident in Tampa, Florida. The story reports that his brother Lanny Poffo claims he had a heart attack at the wheel while driving.

Savage was 58.

For real homie, the most hip-hop of all these wrestling niggas.

And yea, that is a REAL song, b.

Rest In Piece Larry “Macho Man Randy Savage” Poffo


Prodigy- The Bumpy Johnson EP

Prodigy EP

Prodigy’s first official project since his release from prison a couple of months ago. Produced almost entirely by Sid Roams, who did a lot of work on H.N.I.C 2, including ” ABC”, as well as Prodigy’s 7 minute Prison Opus, “The Phone Tap.” GB$ review coming later today, but current standouts right now in my opinion include “Black Devil,” “Strong,” and “Go Off.”

Tracklist and download link after the jump. (more…)

G-Unit’s Secret Weapon- Producer/Engineer Doe Pesci

Point blank period– Doe Pesci is easily one of the DOPEST producers currently in the game right now. I’ve said many times that his production style is where New York needs to be heading- FACT. His melodies, his drums (so underrated), Piano stabs,, and a dedication to ensuring every song has a memorable basslines are the natural extension of the legacy Havoc, LES, and Large Pro left behind. FACT.