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Big Sid x Killer Mike- See You Later


I don’t know who the fuck a Big Sid is (other than a rapper from Tx), but this jawn is dope, and Killer Mike blacked out on his verse. Straight Bamma shit. Unfortunately, Pl3DGE got delayed another month (May 17th). Still, be on the lookout for Killer Mike Mike Bigga projects coming up soon, including the Killer Mike/El-P Currently Untitled- Peep the snippet below:

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Dr. Dre x Slim Da Mobster- Mr. Prescription

New Dr. Dre. Unfinished. It sucks. Go workout and give this rap shit up nigga.

Slim, I hope you can afford to get that Tattoo covered, or just keep a copping fresh whiteys at the Swap Meet.

Staying High >>>> Detox.

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Props to Amp for finding this musical sharp stick that just got jabbed into my eardrums.


Busta Rhymes x Notorious BIG- Knock U Out

Quiet as kept, Trevor been on a bit of a streak lately. This song, the clinic he offered for those treble-voiced niggas over H.A.M, and the shit he did over that terrible Nicki Minaj Dungeon Dragon.

Anyway, this time Trevor scoops up a Chris Wallace Classic verse off Grand Puba’s All Men Are Dogs and applies it to a pretty dope beat. Its sad that Big’s still outshines Trevor, even years after his death.


Download Here


ThisIs50 Interview w/ Stalley

Much more insightful than Tron’s interview (LOL)

Just Kidding.

ThisIs50 interview with Stalley. Basic shit for those who don’t know who the fuck he is. Talks about his influences, meeting Black Dante’, and Intelligent Trunk Music.

Peep the Freestyle at the end of the jawn, and if you haven’t already, stop fucking up and go DL Intelligent Trunk Music HERE.

Peep the LightWeightHeavy Stalley Interview: HERE.

Peep the Lattisaw Tapes transcription: HERE.


The Drone: Tyler, The Creator Interview

Really dope interview with Tyler, The Creator. Hopefully, people will actually realize these guys have been releasing music for YEARS and actually GRINDED their way to this position, rather than just assuming that they are “industry hype.”

Hell, more aspiring artists should take a look at their blueprint and apply to their own lives– maybe then we would take Hip-Hop back from the labels.

Oh, and kill the “all they rap about is rape and horrorcore” shit. Thats false– patently so. Domo Genesis, Mike G, and Mellowhype don’t rap about that shit.

Ya’ll one song niggas need to get familiar before you start hating. FACT.


Mister Cee saves his Career (Radio Rip/ Mix)


At this point, everyone knows what the hell happened with Mister Cee over the weekend. Well, he came to work today at Hot 97 and proceeded to drop THE definitive mix of his lifetime. I’m no DJ, but this mix is THE reason why Cee is one of the best DJs on the planet– every song had a purpose, every chop and cut was precise, and, with no breaks (this is damn near 30 minutes long!), Cee expressed everything he was feeling about his incident without ever saying a word.

I’m not going to get into the incident, as its quite frankly NONE of my B.I., but if you all accept Cops, Nurse Techs, and THIS, then I don’t wanna hear SHIT bout what Cee does on his off time.(1)

Mister Cee’s “Adversity Mix” Download

Props to Elliot for the radio rip.


(1) Shit is type gross, though, word to Ma$e and Eddie.

Kanye West Original Beat Tapes

Kanye West

So a couple of those Kanye West Beat CDs from the “making beats for three summers” sessions have surfaced online. For those interested, its a fascinating lesson on how to IMPROVE as a producer, because quite frankly either these are highly incomplete highly unlikely, or they are simply the work of a producer who had not yet found their sound very likely.

Anyway, you’ll definitely hear a couple of jawns that got the proper production treatment.

Most importantly, everyone better thank D. Dot for taking this nigga under his wing, or Kanye would still be at that Gap at the Waterfront stealing Khakis.


Beat Tapes from 2001:

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

Props to DJ Booth for liberating these.


Aggressive Content

DOWNLOAD: Musik To Catch A Body TOO

For anybody who been following me on Tumblr, in the c-section, on twitter, and now here (George Bush Money Bitches!) you know I have an appreciation for Aggressive Content– It may be that I am a product of my enviornment (Philly!), it may because I skipped therapy after being shot three times (seriously), or it may just be that happy-go-lucky rap sucks balls; I dunno. I DO know that I can’t listen to these whiny, crybaby emo niggas anymore. Hell, even Lil B who may or may not have feminine tendencies got SOME heart (word to him shitting on Joe Budden), but most of these new school niggas is too busy treating this rap shit like its Saved By The Bell or some shit—everybody wanna be Screech getting shit on at the popular table instead of telling Zach and Slater they pussy and bending Lisa Turtle over a table while the other two broads watched. (more…)