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New Music Mondays- Ashwan

*Drags Mink on the floor*
*Spits expensive champagne into the camera*
*Stunts with naked bitches and White Tigers in cages and shit*
*Does the dance above in the living room*


Dumb Rappers Need Teaching [Pt. 1]

Lloyd Banks
Words: Yung Hopp, Edited: JihaD

Seriously– some of these rappers need teaching, and no, not justĀ Jeezy. Honestly, quite a few rappers are in need of remedial career education. Not to worry, however, as Professor Hopp and Adjunct Professor JihaD are now offering classes to help these artists rebuild their careers and hopefully get back to making dope music again. So grab your notebooks, pens, and your copies of the Wu-Tang Manual, and take a seat– Class is in session, bitches.

*Writes Warm-up Exercise on the board*
*Bell Rings*
*Checks Roll*


MellowHype (OF) x Bass Drum of Death: 64

MellowHype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) of OFWGKTA perform a new song on The Daily habit (me neither) backed by Bass Drum of Death.

Really dope, but I would love to hear the actual studio production. One thing that sucks about live music (especially Rap) is that the beats are usually intentionally muddy in order to allow you to hear the RAPPERS. Also note the lack of-

1. Rape
2. Sodomy
3. Horrorcore

Anyway, for those who have never taken time to listen, peep Mellowhype’s first album BlackenedWhite HERE


Big Sid x Killer Mike- See You Later


I don’t know who the fuck a Big Sid is (other than a rapper from Tx), but this jawn is dope, and Killer Mike blacked out on his verse. Straight Bamma shit. Unfortunately, Pl3DGE got delayed another month (May 17th). Still, be on the lookout for Killer Mike Mike Bigga projects coming up soon, including the Killer Mike/El-P Currently Untitled- Peep the snippet below:

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Dr. Dre x Slim Da Mobster- Mr. Prescription

New Dr. Dre. Unfinished. It sucks. Go workout and give this rap shit up nigga.

Slim, I hope you can afford to get that Tattoo covered, or just keep a copping fresh whiteys at the Swap Meet.

Staying High >>>> Detox.

Related: Jeff Weiss on possible Detox Leak.

Props to Amp for finding this musical sharp stick that just got jabbed into my eardrums.


Busta Rhymes x Notorious BIG- Knock U Out

Quiet as kept, Trevor been on a bit of a streak lately. This song, the clinic he offered for those treble-voiced niggas over H.A.M, and the shit he did over that terrible Nicki Minaj Dungeon Dragon.

Anyway, this time Trevor scoops up a Chris Wallace Classic verse off Grand Puba’s All Men Are Dogs and applies it to a pretty dope beat. Its sad that Big’s still outshines Trevor, even years after his death.


Download Here


ThisIs50 Interview w/ Stalley

Much more insightful than Tron’s interview (LOL)

Just Kidding.

ThisIs50 interview with Stalley. Basic shit for those who don’t know who the fuck he is. Talks about his influences, meeting Black Dante’, and Intelligent Trunk Music.

Peep the Freestyle at the end of the jawn, and if you haven’t already, stop fucking up and go DL Intelligent Trunk Music HERE.

Peep the LightWeightHeavy Stalley Interview: HERE.

Peep the Lattisaw Tapes transcription: HERE.