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Reconsidered: Pusha T’s ‘Take One For The Team’ Verse…

Last fall/winter when Kanye was graciously leaking his album track by track to everyone’s great delight, he wrangled a ton of guest appearances from all sorts of randoms, some of who eventually became less than random affiliates. Case in point: the critically acclaimed blow rapper, Pusha T, one half of The Clipse and Neptunes beat destroyer.

Like most fans of Kanye and Pusha, I was pretty excited about their alliance (at least until I heard ‘Runaway’ – shit sucks mane), since we’ve largely heard Pusha over Neptunes production over the last decade plus. Whatever was left of my excitement kinda turned to doodoo once I heard ‘Take It For The Team’.


Kanye West Original Beat Tapes

Kanye West

So a couple of those Kanye West Beat CDs from the “making beats for three summers” sessions have surfaced online. For those interested, its a fascinating┬álesson on how to IMPROVE as a producer, because quite frankly either these are highly incomplete highly unlikely, or they are simply the work of a producer who had not yet found their sound very likely.

Anyway, you’ll definitely hear a couple of jawns that got the proper production treatment.

Most importantly, everyone better thank D. Dot for taking this nigga under his wing, or Kanye would still be at that Gap at the Waterfront stealing Khakis.


Beat Tapes from 2001:

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

Props to DJ Booth for liberating these.