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Kool G Rap – “I Am”

G-Rap gets no love.  I mean, sure… Raekwon or Nas or (insert legendary NY rapper here) is quick to credit the god as a huge influence or a pioneer.  But rarely will someone bring up the Kool Genius when discussing the best of the best, and I’m not sure why.  I’d guess the reason that you don’t see “Kool G-Rap is a legend” sandwiched between jokes about someones mom and the age old “Jay>Nas” debates on the internets is just a matter of timing.  G-Rap’s career peaked just before the Illmatic/36 Chambers/Ready to Die era of East Coast hip-hop, and a lot of heads just missed out on the Juice Crew/Native Tongues period of rap. It’s a shame too, because your favorite golden era MC more than likely was a stan for Kool  G-Rap  back in the day. Often credited with helping to create the “Mafioso Rap” sub-genre, G-Rap has birthed countless MC’s, and this track that leaked today should show that he’s still capable of dropping jewels after 2 decades in the game.

Where would you rank G-Rap among the GOAT’s ?


Off the upcoming Ceasar & P-Starr’s upcoming “War Music”