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The Curious Case of the West Coast Music Scene

The West Coast music scene is a fractured mess of homogenized talent, centralized into private, thriving pocket communities which have generated enough self-sufficient interest and income that the artists which are apart of said community have no desire or need to move beyond these self-created confines. The crucible for the discerning Hip-Hop aficionado outside of these musical bubbles is this- How do we define and infiltrate these insular communities in order to reap the auditory rewards?

Lil’ B Is Gay

Now all the haters can say they told you so.

Some call it a genius marketing strategy, others call it career suicide. I’m not quite sure what to call it myself, but it seems as if Lil’ B is serious about naming an upcoming project, “I’m Gay” and announced the title during a performance at this year’s Coachella music festival. This isn’t really anything new from Lil’ B. He’s called himself a pretty bitch and threatened to anally rape Kanye West, so should we really be surprised by these kinda shock tactics?

I fucks with some of Lil’ B’s music (I’m God, Wonton Soup & Pretty Boy immediately jump to mind) and I’ve been known to cook on occasion (I do a mean Farmer) but I think he’s really pushing it with this one. From 100 bitches on your dick to I’m Gay?

I’m at once fascinated yet dismissive of Lil’ B at the same time just because of these kinda flagrant ploys for attention. It’s entertaining as hell and I’m curious to see how the notoriously homophobic Hip-Hop nation reacts but let’s be all the way honest, you can’t expect anyone to take this kid or his music seriously when he does shit like this.

Smarten up, Brandon.

The Lil’ B Formula

10 parts 1000 parts #swag

– Gratuitous name dropping of random Celebrity/Hot Celebrity of the moment

– A beat that sounds like it was made by Lex Luger’s weed carrier

– “Make sure you show these haters my new watch”

– Mentioning “fucking bitches”, in this case in the mouth and THEN the butt… (the order is key here)

– Referring to the song as “rare” and how he is so positive and blessed

– “For real man, this watch was 69.99 in the back of The Source, i wanna make sure the bitches see this shit”

– Words that don’t really rhyme, and/or repeating entire verses

– A hook that is both unbelievably retarded, and at the same time catchy as fuck in it’s retardeness (it’s a word. google it)

– Obviously low budget video style with lots of white bitches in attendance

– “Yo let the beat ride for another second and get another shot of my watch”

So now that there is actually a Lil B song called “Sheen, Winning, (Swag)”, can we dead this Charlie Sheen bullshit? Seriously, I’m sick of hearing about it. Someone let me know when Major League: Cocaine & HGH drops, and I’ll be happy to steal it from the internet and sell shitty copies at work pretend I care again for 5 minutes.

Brandon, if u wanna make hilarious weirdo rap, here’s someone you could learn a thing or two from :