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LWHRadio 11/6

After shocking the world and returning from certain death, LightWeightHeavy Radio fought it’s way back to the internets and added a new chapter in the book of mediocre rap radio. 2 weeks later, God decided to spare another small group of rap nerds from what would have almost certainly been 2 awkward hours of unwarranted hate and bad jokes, crudely placed between a bunch of great rap music. There would be no show that day, for God decided to shut off the studio’s internet.

But the Time Warner bill has been paid, so tomorrow you can see for yourself why critics everywhere have hailed LWHRadio as “meh” and “kinda funny once in a while”.

Check the show out live @5pm eastern on Sunday 11/6. </a>


Sunday at 5pm Eastern, catch LightWeightHeavyRadio in all of it’s painfully awkward, poorly produced DIY glory.

After a long summer break , the young gawd Aaron and me, the HKIC Tron returned to the internets in the most triumphant of fashions. If you missed it, you can listen to the 9.11 episode here.

This week, we have more of our discussion with Willie the Kid, more fuckery, more great music, and maybe a new member of the LWH/GBM masonic temple. (all we ask is trust) There are even rumors are circulating on the blogosphere that a diss track toward yours truly might surface. As always, we encourage you to join in on the discussion and create a u-stream account.

The LwH/GBM Remix Contest

After several discussions and even more suggestions, we’re finally happy to announce the details for the first official LightWeightHeavy Remix Battle. Initially, we tossed around the idea of creating a live beat battle on the show, but it seemed like a huge undertaking. It’s tough to get everyone to participate when there’s only a two hour window to work within. Eventually, we decided to steal 50 Cent’s brilliant idea, and just place an acapella out there to let the producers work their magic with it.

When it came down to choosing an actual song for everyone to work with, I knew we wanted to go with Nas, given his penchant for picking shitty beats. *ducks hail of bullets from the GBM staff* Instead of going with a beat that is begging for improvement, we decided to choose one that sets the bar high with it’s original production, and force the beatsmiths to really bring their A-game.

So here you have it – Nas’ “Purple”, my favorite song off Lost Tapes, stripped down to just the vocals. In my time on the hip hop blog comment section circuit, I’ve seen a lot of shit talking about how “nobody is fucking with my beats” from various screen names, so here is your chance. Submit your entries by May 1st (of THIS year, slackers) and we will play the submissions on LWHRadio.

If you win, you’ll be the lucky recipient of a dime bag of Ohio’s finest dirt weed, a pack of g-unit wife beaters, and bragging rights amongst your internet peers as the champion of the boards.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Purple Acapella

and yo – Salaam Remi, I know you are probably lurking, but don’t bother jumping into this competition, fam. I don’t wanna hear Nas over your shit ever again.

LightWeightHeavy Radio: The “We’re good for the rest of April” Episode

Well-known kizzas Aaron & Tron just a couple hours ago broadcasted the latest episode of LightWeightHeavy Radio [get familiar with the name if you’re not already, you’re gonna be reading a lot about it] and it featured some dope music, some aggressive content, some freestyling and the third or fourth time they’ve played SLR. I guess they’re trying to see in what moment on the show it sounds better.