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The Throwback: Jim Jones Feat. Max B. – “Baby Girl/G’s Up”

“Can it be that it was all so simple then?”

Harlem, Summer 2005. Jim Jones  (hypeman for his childhood friend Cam’ron and co-founder of their rap collective,  The Diplomats) released his 2nd album, Harlem: Diary Of  a Summer to above average reviews.  Although he never was much of a lyricist, especially compared to the kids he hung with (His earliest attempts at rapping are laughable. Real talk, Mama Giles > Jimmy) Jones always had a scorer’s aura, even when he was riding the bench. His first album, On My Way to Church, received moderate praise but wasn’t enough to push him into the same light as his fellow DipSet members, Cam and Juelz Santana.  Harlem: Diary Of  a Summer was propelled by it’s lead single, “Baby Girl”, which featured Jones newest find on the hook. (more…)