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Nasir x Risan: The Introspective Mixtape

NasiRisan <-- Daddy Loves You

Yea, I was scared. Real scared. I didn’t even have a chance to be shocked at the fact that we were having Twins (Muthafucking TwINS…SHEESH) because the next thing the doctor told us was, ” Sir, your children might be dead in the next 3 months”

Happy Independence Day From the GBM Staff

Here at GeorgeBushMoney, the rest of the young republicans  and myself would like to wish you and your fam a happy 4th of July. Keep it safe and enjoy.  I could go on a rant here, and talk about all the fucked up situations that America is in right now. War, recession, racism..  I could get into 9/11 conspiracy theories and talk about how Rhianna and Jay-Z are taking a blood oath tonight, instead of watching some fireworks somewhere.  But nah.. it’s a holiday. Go drink something… Smoke something.. Blow some shit up. The problems of the world will still be here tomorrow.

And if you are looking for something to set your BBQ off, make sure you download the 2nd installment of Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s SummerTime mixtape series. GET IT HERE

And just because, here’s a rap song called “America”

Nas -“Nasty”

Not sure how I feel about this one yet. The beat definitely isn’t anything I’ll be writing home about, but Nasir does appear to be spitting hot fire, no Dylan. I’ll let you be the judge.

Shout out to Flex for doing his best to fuck this up with the bomb dropping and the talking. Hopefully, the tagless will surface soon.


Lost Tapes 2 is Dead

Looks Like The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 Will Remain Lost

If you haven’t heard by now, Lost Tapes 2 is “canceled” according to Esco himself. What the fuck is going on over at Deaf Jam? (Let’s call it “Deaf Jam” from now on, because apparently, those bastards can’t hear) If I’m running a label with Nas on the roster, I’m making sure that shit gets out. Obviously, I don’t run a label, I’m speaking as a fan, but let’s look at it from a numbers perspective – if you want a Nasir album that has the best chance to succeed, why wouldn’t it be Lost Tapes 2? An LP of new Esco material would be welcomed at this point, but let’s be realistic, it could very well end up being more I Am than Stillmatic. Distant Relatives 2? Nah.. no thanks. Lost Tapes is prepackaged crack. The best producers in the game have gone on record saying they have Nas joints in the vaults. One would assume that the songs that would make up Lost Tapes 2 would be the same caliber as it’s predecessor, which most fans count among their favorite Nas LP’s. People WANT this album to drop. The controversy alone surrounding this project has provided it with a bigger buzz than Distant Relatives ever had. (more…)

Throwback Post: HOOD CLASSICS, Vol. 83…


I don’t know where you’re from, but around my neck of the woods people consider “Belly” a certified classic movie.

Actually, that’s false.  What I meant to write was that I question your life choices and common sense if you don’t regard Belly to be a wonderful movie.

I mean, what’s not to love about the movie? Besides the plot? And the acting? And the dialogue? If we held plot, dialogue and acting against all movies, then there’d be no good movies.  FACT.  Real connoisseurs know that you can only truly judge the awesomeness of a film by the number of yuks and irrelevant amusing tangents in the film.  Belly is a fucking winner.

In lieu of a proper defense of this honorable hood classic, I’ll list all the reasons to watch Belly again.  Besides the plot and acting of course.


The LwH/GBM Remix Contest

After several discussions and even more suggestions, we’re finally happy to announce the details for the first official LightWeightHeavy Remix Battle. Initially, we tossed around the idea of creating a live beat battle on the show, but it seemed like a huge undertaking. It’s tough to get everyone to participate when there’s only a two hour window to work within. Eventually, we decided to steal 50 Cent’s brilliant idea, and just place an acapella out there to let the producers work their magic with it.

When it came down to choosing an actual song for everyone to work with, I knew we wanted to go with Nas, given his penchant for picking shitty beats. *ducks hail of bullets from the GBM staff* Instead of going with a beat that is begging for improvement, we decided to choose one that sets the bar high with it’s original production, and force the beatsmiths to really bring their A-game.

So here you have it – Nas’ “Purple”, my favorite song off Lost Tapes, stripped down to just the vocals. In my time on the hip hop blog comment section circuit, I’ve seen a lot of shit talking about how “nobody is fucking with my beats” from various screen names, so here is your chance. Submit your entries by May 1st (of THIS year, slackers) and we will play the submissions on LWHRadio.

If you win, you’ll be the lucky recipient of a dime bag of Ohio’s finest dirt weed, a pack of g-unit wife beaters, and bragging rights amongst your internet peers as the champion of the boards.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Purple Acapella

and yo – Salaam Remi, I know you are probably lurking, but don’t bother jumping into this competition, fam. I don’t wanna hear Nas over your shit ever again.



DOWNLOAD: Mobb Deep & Nas – “Dog Shit”

As my esteemed colleague Deen reminded us last week, it’s been nearly seven years since the last official collaboration between Nas, Mobb Deep, and The Alchemist. Did the Queensbridge (and Beverly Hills) quartet bring the Uzi in the army jacket lining, or buckle under pressure of unrealistic expectations? The G.B.M. alumni provide their uniquely bias opinions, as well as measure the song’s worth using a five unit rating system. Let the games begin.



Nope. This isn’t about the M.O.P. or Carly Simon (or Les McCann?) songs (all awesome, but Carly Simon wins that battle). It’s more about the twin concepts of expectation and excitement, both of which are apt at the moment, given the impending launch of a new home for the crew, GeorgeBushMoney and Dog Shit, a new track from Mobb Deep featuring Nas and co-produced by The Alchemist and Havoc. (more…)