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The Curious Case of the West Coast Music Scene

The West Coast music scene is a fractured mess of homogenized talent, centralized into private, thriving pocket communities which have generated enough self-sufficient interest and income that the artists which are apart of said community have no desire or need to move beyond these self-created confines. The crucible for the discerning Hip-Hop aficionado outside of these musical bubbles is this- How do we define and infiltrate these insular communities in order to reap the auditory rewards?

Earl Sweatshirt – “Dat Ass” (Unreleased)

Earl Sweatshirt – “Dat Ass”

An unearthed gem from “God’s Grandson”, Odd Future‘s M.I.A. underdog, Earl Sweatshirt dropped on the groups Tumblr today..

Apparently this is from back when he was going by the name “Sly” and the content is very different from what you’d expect after hearing the stuff he’s done with Tyler. It’s actually pretty normal in comparison, but no less impressive. Earl’s raps are as complex and intricate then as they are now, and the Eminem influence is still there. What’s impressive is how Earl constructs his bars, as opposed to the content, even though there’s a hint of the self deprecating humor that’s present in most of his later work.

The world is still awaiting the return of Earl from exile and all I can think is if this kid ever decides to tone down the gore, leave the theatrics to Tyler and just spit, I think those Nas DOOM comparisons would be more deserved then people realize.



Odd future this. Odd future that. Are you sick of hearing about these guys yet?

I’m gettin there. the crazy part is that most people haven’t really dug into the catalog of all the different arms of OFWGKTA, and are really basing their opinion on a song or two, or what everyone else is saying. (more…)