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Joomane, Where You Been?

Otis Williams Jr. is a man of many names. Some know him as Sun Valley Shawty or Bouldercrest Shawty. Others call him Texaco Shawty or Coogi Shawty. His friends affectionately call him “Juice”, but most of us know him by his chosen stage name, OJ Da Juiceman. Just a couple years back,  “Da Juiceman” was one of the hottest acts in Hip-Hop. Before Waka Flocka Flame emerged from the 1017 BrickSquad collective as Gucci Mane’s star protege, OJ Da Juiceman was making a name for himself on ATL’s underground scene, with two XXL covers in a years time and high profile features with artists as varied as Jadakiss and Mariah Carey. At one point it even seemed as if OJ’s star was starting to eclipse Gucci’s. But then something happened.  (more…)