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Mister Cee saves his Career (Radio Rip/ Mix)


At this point, everyone knows what the hell happened with Mister Cee over the weekend. Well, he came to work today at Hot 97 and proceeded to drop THE definitive mix of his lifetime. I’m no DJ, but this mix is THE reason why Cee is one of the best DJs on the planet– every song had a purpose, every chop and cut was precise, and, with no breaks (this is damn near 30 minutes long!), Cee expressed everything he was feeling about his incident without ever saying a word.

I’m not going to get into the incident, as its quite frankly NONE of my B.I., but if you all accept Cops, Nurse Techs, and THIS, then I don’t wanna hear SHIT bout what Cee does on his off time.(1)

Mister Cee’s “Adversity Mix” Download

Props to Elliot for the radio rip.


(1) Shit is type gross, though, word to Ma$e and Eddie.