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Willie The Kid “Sunz Of Man Dart”

words by Hopp & Tron

I said umm...

Looks like Willie The Kid’s about to orchestrate another slaughter. The Cure 2 coming soon. And not like Lost Tapes 2 is coming soon. Like actually coming soon. And if you thought The Fly 2 was a fluke, it would appear that you are about to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping that Willie is the type of  artist has been slowly rounding into form and steadily evolving and improving, showing signs that all along, his best shit is still to come.


Roc Marciano Can’t Collab With Crabs

Written by Abortatron, co-written by HL

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have been deprived of an internet connection (which is really the same thing, isn’t it?) then you know by now that ‘Marcberg’ was one of the most celebrated releases of last year. With word getting around that Marciano is working on a follow up full-length project, my comrade HL and I decided it would be a good idea to make a few suggestions regarding who should appear on the upcoming LP. If you’re reading this, Roc – take notes. (more…)

Willie The Kid “The Crazies…”

First of all, I have to laugh at the fact Willie’s vision of dropping a video is send it via e-mail to the blog family four days after it’s been uploaded. I think I can be blamed on that for not publishing this post earlier being that I had already seen it. Well, GBM still cares. © Deen



REVIEW: “The Fly 2”

DOWNLOAD: Willie The Kid – “The Fly 2”

Many moons ago the criminally underrated high exalted Don Bishop Agallah suggested the mixtape is the album. Fast forward nearly a decade later and the industry has certainly embraced 8-Off’s approach. As we turn the corner on the first quarter, Reakwon’s “Shaolin Vs.Wu-Tang” is the only official full-length album that stands among the elite 2011 releases. This year’s other notable projects have been distributed exclusively through Mediafire Records. In the digital age mixtapes lacking focus and original production are likely to go in one ear, out the other, and subsequently into the recycle bin (ask Pusha T). (more…)