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Review: “Rolling Papers”

Before I jump into this review, I figure I should let you guys know something from the jump. I hate this album. I listened to it exactly one time in full before I tossed 80% of the tracklist in the recycle bin, pissed. Admittedly, I wasn’t as pissed as I would have been had I spent actual money purchasing the album, but still, I was pissed. I felt like Wiz pulled the okey doke on his fans after releasing a couple of great mixtapes (like How Fly, his collabo mixtape with fellow stoner, Curren$y, as well as his own breakthrough tape, the smoked out. Kush & Orange Juice) and blowing up from the internets to a certified mainstream star with his ubiquitous hit single “Black & Yellow” to follow it all up with a debut album that (weed references notwithstanding) sounds like it’s more likely to get spin on Radio Disney then Hot97?  WTF?  I was all ready to tear into this review & offer my reasoning on why Rolling Papers is the perfect apparatus for breaking up weed but in the interest of fairness, I figured I’d give it one more spin before I went all Big Ghostface on the kid and whaddayaknow? Upon further listening, the album wasn’t nearly as shitty as I initially though. In a weird way, it’s actually kinda good.