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Young Jeezy x DJ Drama – The Real is Back


Remember back when Jeezy was that dude? The Recession was a critical and commercial success, well received by both internet rap nerds and actual dope boys. Trap or Die 2 would have made a worthy follow up album, so as a mixtape, it was more than sufficient.

And then, out of nowhere, Jeezy fell off. Or maybe he didn’t. I can’t call it. In an era where 3 months is like a year, and a year is like a decade, it seems like forever since he’s been relevant.


Beanie Sigel: “They look at Ross as a facade”

Beanie Sigel interview – not sure how recent the footage is but it’s just been released today.

Talking Points:

  • On Rick Ross – “If I was a C.O, I wouldn’t have lied”
  • On Rocafella – “It’s a difference between family and relatives and who I thought was my family, wasn’t nothing but relatives”
  • Wants to see Ross and Jeezy beef – “Fat boy can rap but Jeezy talks that shit…. if you put it on a scale to my niggas who I fuck with, they gone rock with Jeezy all day”
  • Potential Yo Gotti/Jeezy/Jadakiss collabs
  • Says he never dissed Drake on a record
  • Still talks to 50 Cent
  • Says Kanye really wanted to diss Jay on Big Brother, because Karlene (Jay’s P.R Rep) made Kanye buy 2 tickets to his concert

Thug Motivation 103 (The Bootleg)

Guess Jeezy's looking for a TM103 release date just like the rest of us

Since the release of The Recession in 2008, Young Jeezy has seen his popularity wane somewhat and that’s mostly due to the rise of  artists like Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, rappers who basically inhabit the same lane Jeezy does but who’s musical output and off record antics  have managed to captivate the attention of fans. For the most part, the days of taking years off between albums are over. Such a large gap in time between projects used to build anticipation for something new from an artist but today’s rap fans are spoiled by the internet and the flood of music readily available to them at any given time.  An artist who takes time off can easily get branded irrelevant in favor of the next best thing…and that’s exactly what happened to Young Jeezy. (more…)

Young Jezzy X Freddie Gibbs “Stripes” (run d MC)

note- words by Mobb Deen, all i did was put the pieces together. Teamwork yo. Teamwork.

Great first effort from Jeezy and Gibbs, but it’s hard to enjoy this shit unreservedly when Rick Ross (someone that Jeezy seems not to like and essentially came into the game as a Jeezy clone) has essentially cornered the market on Lex Luger-ish beats (we see you biting Lil’ Lody – pause and stop that) and hooks that reference some iconic character. First, there was ‘Ballin’ with the original Lex Luger beat reconstructed by Lil’ Lody, now this. I’m a big Jeezy and Gibbs fan (some might say Gibbs stan – pause?), but this shit should be beneath them. Someone in that studio should have said something. I mean, what are weed-carriers for (other than carrying weed of course)? But whatever.

Freddie gets a pass, after all he can’t just turn down work offered by his new ‘boss’, but Jeezy should know better. Jeezy should stick to what he did on The Recession and Trap or Die 2. If he feels the need to experiment, maybe Gibbs can hand over The Blockbeataz’s contact info. The Blockbeataz take enough creative risks to make Jeezy do some interesting shit again. In any event, staying away from Lil’ Lody’s Lex Luger impressions should be top on his list.

(Damn, that was kinda salty. I’m still a fan, I swear).

Building The New CTE

A couple weeks back, Young Jeezy got the most attention he’d gotten in over a year with the signing of blog favorite Freddie Gibbs to his Corporate Thugz Ent. label. The move was seen as a shrewd one for Jeezy because not only is Gibbs a really great rapper with a bubbling underground fanbase and a nostalgic take on Gangster rap but he gives Jeezy something his label has never had. A rapper capable of carving out his own niche without being snugly tucked under the CEO’s wing. U.S.D.A.’s Cold Summer was a shoddily put together weedcarrier showcase that featured Jeezy’s version of Tony Yayo (And one of the worst rappers to ever grace a Def Jam release), Slick Pulla along with Florida rapper Bloodraw (a.k.a. What Jeezy Would Sound Like If  He Was 30lbs Heavier And From Florida…And A Lot Less Talented At Rapping) and Bloodraw’s debut “album”, My Life, The True Testimony seemed like an afterthought, released only to justify the existence of the label itself. Jeezy may be a hustler but outside of his own albums, his resume as a record executive is less then impressive.


It’s Official: Freddie Gibbs Cliques Up With Jeezy and CTE…

It’s Official: Freddie Gibbs + Jeezy et CTE…

From an image and marketing standpoint, aligning with CTE is certainly a great fit for Freddie Gibbs, since Jeezy (and maybe Rawse, if you can get past the fraud – yes, I’ll harp on that shit FOREVER) is essentially the only gangsta rapper with any real (but worryingly and rapidly fading?) mainstream presence at this point in time. Gangsta rapper + gangsta rap label = perfect. Si?