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Rap Made Me Do It!

“I sit alone in my dirty ass room starrin’ at candles high on drugs//All alone wit my hand on my Mac 10 Handle…. schemin’ on you n*ggas” (c) Prodigy



Have you ever felt like a certain song, or a certain type of sound has made you feel like you’re in a trance? (Or maybe that’s just me?)

When I was younger, (more…)

Only Built 4 Neocons

Dedicated to my fellow GBM neocons...

The war machine is in full motion, as planned…. (more…)

Are You Hotly Anticipating The Carter 4

Boycott Detox

Dear Senate, we request a motion to boycott Interscope Records until further notice.

Detox does not exist, it’s a myth. These latest “leaks” and “street singles” are leftover records from years ago from various projects.

We know Detox is a myth because it has no fixed release date. It’s an insult to our intelligence to keep implying Detox will be released.

An accountant allocates a budget for an album, when a release date has been set. So if no release date has been set, it means there is no budget to fund the album. Which means Detox does not exist. We just have a bunch of news reports from PR Companies posing as blogs  telling the consumers to wait for Detox.

Fans should boycott all Aftermath/Interscope related products until there is a confirmed release date.

Yours Sincerely

Congressman World

Royce Da 5’9: Second Place (produced by DJ Premier)

Who said Royce fell off?

Semi autos at yo cartilage…

Success Is Certain coming July 26th

Live: Hot 97 Summer Jam

Kick your feet up and relax, Summer Jam 2011 is being streamed live. It’s gonna be a big one!

The Lineup:

Lil Wayne
Young Money
Chris Brown
Rick Ross
Lloyd Banks
Wiz Khalifa
Waka Flocka

Who will tear down the Summer Jam stage this year?

Who gonna be up on that Summer Jam screen?

Miss Info >>>>>>_____

Engineer Pat Viala interview

Pat Viala is one of the best engineers in hip hop and has a wealth of experience, due to being in the game for around 16 years.

  • Talks about mixing his latest projects such as Hunger For More 2, Swizz & Eve: Coolin et al
  • Where he got the nickname “Pat em Down” from
  • Prefers using the SSL mixing desks to plugins
  • Can’t always record in the studio due to today’s industry budgets
  • The importance of  acoustics & room tuning
  • Lexicon 960 as his favorite piece of equipment

props to iStandard & BhramaTv