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Only Built 4 Neocons

Dedicated to my fellow GBM neocons...

The war machine is in full motion, as planned…. (more…)

DJ Chase – “Hoodie Season” (mixtape)

note – Aubrey does not appear on this mix.


Chase comes thru with the “Hoodie Season” mixtape just in time for ….(wait for it).. hoodie season. This is that Carhart rap.. that untied Timberlands rap.. nah mean ?

Featuring your favorite hoodie rap legends, Mobb Deep, 50cent, Styles P, Dispet and a bunch of other rappers who are really about that life.

Download “Hoodie Season” mix

check out the rest of Chase’s tapes here.

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Ten (?) Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT

Ten Thirteen Fifteen Essential Yayo Songs that even the Most Uptight Piece of Shit Claiming to be a Hip-Hop Fan will Enjoy…FACT”

Be Clear- Marvin” Tony Yayo” Bernard is NOT the best rapper alive, or the next King of New York, or anything designated or attached to the words “amazing” and/or “rapper” in any combination. Yayo is a GOON– Too many stories have arisen to the contrary; from the Death of Busta’s Bodyguard to Shutting Down the Mixtape Awards to Laying hands on allegedly slapping Jimmy Henchman’s Son, Marvin has been involved in every incident, and every incident has usually resulted in a beatdown, shooting, or death.


Nasir x Risan: The Introspective Mixtape

NasiRisan <-- Daddy Loves You

Yea, I was scared. Real scared. I didn’t even have a chance to be shocked at the fact that we were having Twins (Muthafucking TwINS…SHEESH) because the next thing the doctor told us was, ” Sir, your children might be dead in the next 3 months”

Real Rap: A Philly DVD Rap History Manual

Best of Philly DVD Raps: Download HERE

Public Service Announcement- Philly got the BEST spitters, dead or alive. Period. FACT.

On The Bubble: French Montana

It’s been a long road for French Montana. The Moroccan born MC (French and his family emigrated to the Bronx from Morocco when he was 13) began building a name for himself in the streets of NYC back in the ‘early 2000’s with his successful Cocaine City DVD series. Cocaine City made French some fans but some of the footage he released earned him some enemies too (Lil’ Cease should be ashamed of himself). Using the DVD’s to gain vital industry connections, French started collaborating with other underground rappers, releasing mixtapes and eventually partnered up with ex DipSet affiliate, Max B for their Coke Wave CD/DVD. French ended up right in the middle of Max’s beef with Jim Jones and his Byrd Gang crew but the way they made light about the situation only managed to make both Max and French that much more popular, able to regularly do shows off of mixtape material. French isn’t a remarkable rapper by any means but his sing songy hooks and ability to adapt a Dirty South (by way of the South Bronx) flow has allowed him to cross over despite the usual regional boundaries. Think of it as East Coast trap music. (more…)

Ten Diss Songs You (Probably) Never Heard, But Should Have (Part 1)

A lot of times, a good rap battle is over before it even starts– for the fans, we only see the aftermath: the public shame, the declining sales, the ether. For every monumental battle, however, there are oftentimes many other dope diss songs floating about the outskirts of the beef (in most cases, from the various weed carriers or gawkers looking to get a little blog love by involving themselves in the beef) that never got. Then there are those battles that simply weren’t documented; forgotten over time and relegated to a P-Cutta compilation.


GB$ Presents: Cold Corner 2: The Un-Mixed Tape




Young Jeezy x DJ Drama – The Real is Back


Remember back when Jeezy was that dude? The Recession was a critical and commercial success, well received by both internet rap nerds and actual dope boys. Trap or Die 2 would have made a worthy follow up album, so as a mixtape, it was more than sufficient.

And then, out of nowhere, Jeezy fell off. Or maybe he didn’t. I can’t call it. In an era where 3 months is like a year, and a year is like a decade, it seems like forever since he’s been relevant.


Blu – J e s u s


Did anyone know this was dropping? Hopefully we get some good music from Blu, because the leaks so far from noYork have not been the business. Download link and tracklist after the jump